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NO 06 VALID FROM JUNE 30TH UNTIL JULY 17TH 2022 ROCKY ROAD 1 2 30 x145 Sheet size 30 x145 Durable Starting at 419 99 356 99 or 25489 Fun Miles 100062643 ALL CORIAN 15 ON COUNTERTOPS DISCOUNT See page 10 for more information about Corian countertops Now is the perfect time to create your ideal summer space and make your in and outdoor living stand out with amazing kitchens and accessories for the finishing touch for every budget

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kitchen FRIDGE MAT FRESH HYGIENE STACKABLE FRIDGE BINS BPA FREE For cans wine bottles and more Different sizes available also specifically for bottles cans ice cubes etc etc Size 47x30 cm Keep the fridge surfaces clean 2 49 or 178 Fun Miles 100054921 Starting at 4 99 or 356 Fun Miles 100054930 BEAUTIFUL TO THE EYE AND EASY TO USE Mix and match our kitchen items to complete your high end kitchen living space KITCHEN ORGANIZER 3 TIER EXTEND Dimensions 37x8 5x8 5 23 cm Provides an overview Everything ready to hand Extendible with 3 steps With practical anti slip coating Store your cutlery in a cutlery tray which is neat and well organized 19 99 9 99 100009741 100011274 or 1427 Fun Miles SINK ORGANIZER DISPENSER NEO BLACK 18 999 or 1356 Fun Miles 100054937 2 CUTLERY TRAY INNOVA 50 GREY or 713 Fun Miles UM SPONGE CADDY HOLSTER GREY Color dark grey Material stainless steel Durable material Dimensions 14x8 6x13 9 cm Praktical organization aid Hold your in sink essentials Built in ledge Sure lock 11 99 or 856 Fun Miles 100003149

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kitchen k c o st k in oc st in Your kitchen is the heart of your home IN STOCK Buy it in 3 easy steps 10 Plan Decide what you want need Measure your kitchen area DISCOUNT The Kooyman How to buy a kitchen guide is there to help Set your budget KITCHEN HEDDA MDF high gloss doors Slek integrated door handles Adjustable legs Softclose doors and drawers Highest European quality 5609 74 Design Get inspired Kooyman Our Kooyman Kitchen Experts are happy to help Choose your accessories and finishing touches 5048 77 Buy Finalize your Kooyman kitchen design Plan your delivery date Get attractive rates with KPAY financing or 363512 Fun Miles ENJOY LUXURY KITCHENS Installation is NOT included Offer temporarily valid Prices are indicative and based on shown cabinets only Depending on setup the final could be higher or lower Some elements may be special order items 11 99 or 856 Fun Miles 100033845 SILICONE BATH KITCHEN 11OZ KITCHEN FAUCET ADLER Long lasting flexibility Minimal shrinkage Cured sealant is mildewresistant and watertight Available in white and clear One handle faucet with pull down sprayer Matte black Hot and cold water GLOBAL KITCHEN BATH WALL PAINT 239 99 or 17135 Fun Miles 100064283 COMPLETE YOUR KITCHEN Resists the growth of mildew even under humid conditions Excellent washable Eggshell White light colors 49 99 15 42 49 DISCOUNT or 3034 Fun Miles 100024945 3

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kitchen COOKING IS FUN NICE ACCESSORIES TO PIMP THE KITCHEN 5 99 or 428 Fun Miles 100040142 ID OVER CABINET HOOK FORMA The durability of steel combined with a brushed stainless steel finish adds instant style to a kitchen storage accessory OVER CABINET WASTE BUCKET With this practical 12 liter door waste bin kitchen waste can be disposed during the meal preparation The holder can simply be hung on drawers or cabinet doors up to 2 cm thick A garbage bag can be attached The bag holder can also be hung on the inside of the cabinet door 4 pieces 99 99 or 7139 Fun Miles 100062556 ID OVER CABINET TOWEL BAR Material Stainless Steel Weight Capacity 2 Towels Hangs over standard cabinet doors and drawers Foam backing protects cabinet surfaces 11 99 or 856 Fun Miles 100008263 TRASH BAG HOLDER CHROME Dimensions 23 x 22 x 6 cm For drawers or cabinet doors Sturdy metal frame Creates space order and hygiene in the kitchen OVER CABINET TWIN TOWEL ROD There s never enough hanging hooks right Clothes and handbags are constantly growing as are family members So why not get a full set 14 99 13 99 100006076 100002136 or 1070 Fun Miles 4 COOKWARE SET RED OR BLUE or 999 Fun Miles 8 99 or 642 Fun Miles 100038132

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kitchen 10 DISCOUNT SPECIAL ORDER KITCHEN RONJA Grey matt melamine doors Can be combined with any door handles Adjustable legs Softclose doors and drawers LUXURY KITCHENS KITCHEN FAUCET LUGO One handle faucet with pull out sprayer Chrome matte black Hot and cold water 229 99 BAR CHAIR AIKO AJUSTABLE Installation is NOT included Offer temporarily valid Seatheight between 44 5 and 59 5 cm Available in white and black 139 99 15 or 9995 Fun Miles 100064613 or 16421 Fun Miles DISCOUNT 100061862 KOOYMAN EASY CLEAN Extremely washable and stain resistant formula Keeps walls looking freshly painted Superior coverage Tough and durable WATERPROOF Starting at 36 99 29 59 20 WHITE or 2113 Fun Miles DISCOUNT 100039357 PVC CLICK LAMINATE 4mm thick 2 23m2 per box 2 colors loft oak 99 99 or 7139 Fun Miles 100062446 5

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kitchen UNDERCAB SHELF FLEXI 45 80 CM ANTI SLIP MAT ROLL This practical kitchen organizer with 3 steps provides an overview on the kitchen worktop or on the kitchen cabinet Extendible with 3 steps With practical anti slip coating Dimensions 150 x 50 cm Color Transparent Ideal non slip for cabinets and drawers Protects small parts from slipping Noise absorbing No scissers needed 49 99 or 3569 Fun Miles 12 99 100011147 or 927 Fun Miles 100013720 ID PAPER TOWEL HOLDER WHITE SINK DISH CLOTH HOLDER Simple styling and an attractive finish lend a sleek look to a handy kitchen accessory Stainless steel 8 99 24 99 or 642 Fun Miles 100033040 or 1784 Fun Miles 100055195 KITCHEN PAPER TOWEL HOLDER STAINLESS STEEL 8 99 or 642 Fun Miles PEDAL BIN SAFIR SQUARE 30L INOX 109 100054922 99 or 7853 Fun Miles 100061239 HOLDER UNIVERSAL EDEA CHROME The robust material mix of galvanized sheet steel and steel wire with rubber coating promises a long service life 7 99 or 570 Fun Miles 100055193 DRAWER ORGANIZER SET BRUGMANN 7 pieces FRYPAN SET ALUMINIUM 3 pieces 0 7 9 and 11 inch 44 34 100062557 100062525 99 or 3212 Fun Miles 6 99 or 2498 Fun Miles

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kitchen IN STOCK KITCHEN LASSE Rustic rough oak wood decor doors Includes modern door handles Adjustable legs Softclose doors and drawers Including Reginox top with integrated sink 879 95 791 96 or 57021 funmiles KIT190010 ECONOMIC KITCHENS MESH CALACATA MATE Mesh30 x 30 cm Marble look 5 99 4 79 20 Installation is NOT included Offer temporarily valid DISCOUNT or 342 Fun Miles 100005243 Finish your kitchen with a nice color or beautiful wall tiiles backsplash KOOYMAN EASY CLEAN Extremely washable and stain resistant formula Keeps walls looking freshly painted Superior coverage Tough and durable 20 DISCOUNT KITCHEN FAUCET NORI One handle faucet with pull down sprayer Matte black Hot and cold water Starting at 149 99 119 99 WHITE or 8567 Fun Miles 100036153 349 99 or 24989 Fun Miles 100064282 7

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kitchen A magnificent combination of the Bengt and Lasse kitchen cabinets OVER DOOR WASTE BIN W LID 12L 29 99 49 99 or 2141 Fun Miles or 3569 Fun Miles 100055190 100018585 LID AND PAN HOLDER EXTENDABLE BLACK BUDGET WALL SEALER WHITE or 713 Fun Miles Basic wall sealer to prevent excessive absorbance of the topcoat 100003166 39 99 or 2855 Fun Miles 100021789 8 16 99 100054100 9 99 Use for showers bathrooms garages For the food industry and on all floors and walls where a hygienic wear resistant and chemically resistant coating is required Easily tuck up to 50 grocery bags through the top opening for clutterfree storage or 1213 Fun Miles UMBRA SINK MAT PLATE HOLDER SLING 691 2 5L GPP EP FLOOR 2 K GROCERY BAG HOLDER WALLMOUNT NEW TREND Use this epoxy on your shower or bathroom wall if you don t want to use tiles 23 99 or 1713 Fun Miles 100031532 BUDGET INTERIOR WALL PAINT WHITE Basic white paint for interior walls 19 99 or 1427 Fun Miles 100050918

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kitchen 10 DISCOUNT IN STOCK KITCHEN BENGT White matte doors with modern door handles Countertop appliances and accessories sold separately 1539 93 1385 94 or 99788 funmiles ECONOMIC KITCHENS Prices are indicative and based on shown cabinets only Depending on setup the final could be higher or lower Some elements may be special order items Installation is NOT included Offer temporarily valid MOSAIC GLASS BLANCO 32 x 32 cm Great for a kitchen backsplash 2 49 20 or 178 Fun Miles 100062894 DISCOUNT KOOYMAN COLORTEX INTERIOR WALL PAINT Excellent covering power Mixable in any color Low odor Low spatter and quick drying 33 99 28 89 or 2063 Fun Miles KITCHEN FAUCET ADLER One handle faucet with pull down sprayer Matte black Hot and cold water 239 99 9 or 17135 Fun Miles 100064283 100028867 9

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kitchen MESH GLASS HIGH MIST 30x30 cm MOSAIC GLASS BLUE MIX 50 32x32 cm DISCOUNT 2 49 10 99 5 50 or 178 Fun Miles 100062895 or 393 Fun Miles 100056218 MOSAIC LIGHT BROWN MOSAIC GLASS BLUE MIX 32 7x32 7 cm Add color and charm to your home 32x32 cm Great for a kitchen backsplash 5 79 2 49 2 89 or 178 Fun Miles 100062896 or 206 Fun Miles 100011229 265x60 cm LAMINATE COUNTERTOP CORIAN SOLID SURFACE COUNTERTOPS 368x76 cm 160x185x2 cm Scratch resistance Stain resistance heat resistance Impact resistance Repairable Scratch resistance Stain resistance heat resistance Impact resistance Repairable Scratch resistance Stain resistance heat resistance Impact resistance Repairable Starting at Starting at 332 99 or 13320 Fun Miles 10 QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS 419 99 Starting at or 25489 Fun Miles or 27000 Fun Miles 15 356 99 DISCOUNT 674 99

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kitchen do it yourself tiling Check our video for the step by step instructions kooymanbv com diy list kitchen backsplash Easy to clean and endlessly versatile HOW TO DO kitchen backsplash subway tiling STEP BY STEP WALL TILE METRO 1 Select your tiles 2 Prepare your workspace 3 Measure your space 4 Prepare wall surface 5 Tile layout 6 Apply the tiles 7 Apply the grout 8 Clean the excess Size 10x30 cm Bevel Glossy white 24 99 or 1784 Fun Miles 100062870 TOOLS Leveler Measuring Tape Tile hand trowel Masonry Float Putty knife Tile hatchet Tile cutter Tile nipper Angle grinder Screwdriver Drill Grout mixing paddle optional Caulk gun Tile cleaning sponge Non scratch scourer sponge Microfiber cloth Eye and ear protection Gloves Bucket x3 MATERIALS Tiles markers Grout unsanded L profiles to fit your tile Professional tile adhesive Tile spacers 1 16 inch Paper drop cloth Specialty masking tape Caulk choose a color that fits the tile 11

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builders hardware PIMP YOUR OLD KITCHEN USE NEW PULLS AND GIVE IT A COMPLETE NEW LOOK T BAR 2 KNOB OIL RUBBED BRONZE Type Knob Shape T bar Style Melrose collection Size 2 inch Overall length 2 inch Finish Oil rubbed bronze Includes Mounting screws Finest quality cabinet hardware 15 DISCOUNT PULL ULTIMA 96MM SATIN PULL MELROSE 3 SATIN BRASS NICKEL PULL RIVERSTONE COLL ORB 3 DISCOUNT ON KNOBS AND PULLS Are you getting tired of your old drawers cupboards or kitchen cabinets The best solution is not always to buy a whole new piece of furniture Just replacing the knobs or pulls can do wonders Kitchen cabinets easily can get a boost by painting the doors and drawers or replacing the old knobs and pulls for new once T BAR KNOB In oil rubbed bronze Size 50 8mm 2 4 79 PULL MELROSE In satin brass Size 76mm 3 96mm 3 8 102mm 4 or 128mm 5 Starting at 5 99 PULL ULTIMA In satin nickel Size 96mm 3 8 or 128mm 5 Starting at 6 49 4 07 5 09 5 52 100044128 100043854 100051728 or 291 Fun Miles PULL RIVERSTONE In oil rubbed bronze Size 76mm 3 or 128mm 5 Starting at 10 99 or 363 Fun Miles CUP RIVERSTONE In oil rubbed bronze Size 76mm 3 or 128mm 5 Starting at 7 99 or 394 Fun Miles PULL MELROSE In stainless steel Size 448mm 17 6 Also available in smaller sizes EXTRA LONG 44 99 9 34 6 79 38 24 100031224 1000542183 100051910 or 667 Fun Miles 12 or 485 Fun Miles or 2730 Fun Miles

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builders hardware 15 BROWN DRAWER SLIDE 14 INCH B BEARING SELF CLOSING DISCOUNT With 48 ball bearings Load capacity 35kg Can be easily screwed to the side of the drawer and to the inside of the cabinet Size 14 16 18 20 or 22 Starting at 10 99 HETTICH DRAWER RUNNER PART EXTENSION 5 29 With captive guide rail on one side Integrated self closing feature Automatic tolerance compensation 1mm Powder coated steel Available in sizes 250 t m 600mm Starting at 9 4 100057022 100035896 34 or 667 Fun Miles 50 or 321 Fun Miles OPENING ANGLE 110 CUP DIAMETER 35MM RECESS DEPTH 12MM INCL SCREWS IN CROSS MOUNTING PLATE ECOMAT HINGE Sold by the piece Easy to mount Snap on attachment FOR FULL OVERLAY FOR HALF OVERLAY 4 29 FOR INSET 4 29 4 29 3 65 3 65 3 65 100005114 100035894 100035895 or 261 Fun Miles or 261 Fun Miles FOR FULL OVERLAY or 261 Fun Miles FOR HALF OVERLAY FOR INSET Door Door Door CABINET SIDE SATIN CHROME HINGE In steel with satin chrome finish No inset face mount Front to back 3 Mounting holes 5 Door TOP VIEW CABINET SIDE CABINET TOP VIEW HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE LEG 150MM Plastic adjustable leg with plinth holder Max weight 200 kg 440 pound Suitable for kitchen cabinets and bathroom furniture Clip for plints also sold separate FLAP STAY LIFT JUNIOR SET In steel with nickel plated finish Opening angle 75 degrees Max flap size 400x600mm Min cabinet depth 45 mm 4 8 17 100016593 100035887 100000551 49 or 321 funmiles 49 or 607 funmiles 99 or 1285 funmiles 13

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outdoor living CREATE YOUR OUTDOOR KITCHEN Transform your porch or pooldeck into an outdoor kitchen with these barbeques and smokers S MART COCONUT BRIQUETTES 7 KG Long high burning 26 99 or 1927 Fun Miles 100064999 4 2 2 LANDMANN CHARCOAL BBQ TAURUS 600 Grill surface L66xW36 cm thermometer in the lid ash catcher height adjustable charcoal grid 499 99 or 35699 Fun Miles 10006500 4 GRILLCHEF SMOKER TENNESSEE 100 Grill surface L53xW30 cm two part enamelled cooking grill additional cooking grill in the side fire box two part charcoal grid thermometer in the lid wide front table 329 99 or 23561 Fun Miles 100062644 4 LANDMANN SMOKER VINSON 200 Grill surface L70 5xw39 5 cm unique rounded design of the chamber systems for optimum circula 14

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outdoor living NEW AT KOOYMAN ECO GRILL You can use it in a charcoal grill or as a stand alone grill on the beach in the designated BBQ areas or wherever you like You can even put your food on top of the EcoGrill without any grate Finished your BBQ and cooled off put it on some garden plants the ashes from natural deciduous Alder tree will fertilise them Starting at Available in 3 sizes 12 99 or 927 Fun Miles 100065001 S MART BLACK WATTLE CHARCOAL 10KG Long burning High burning temperature 34 99 or 2498 Fun Miles 100064998 LANDMANN BBQ COVER LARGE KAMADO 100 waterproof Actively breathable UV resistant 89 99 or 6425 Fun Miles 100064997 5 4 tion 5mm thick enamelled cooking grills integrated hood thermometer moveable front preparation table stainless steel handles 779 99 or 55691 Fun Miles 100062878 5 KAMADO 15 INCH CERAMIC BOWL THERMOMETER Grill surface 38cm thick ceramic hull lid with thermometer stainless steel cooking grill 669 99 or 47837 Fun Miles 100064996 15

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outdoor living Starting at COOL BOX BLUE FIELDS 10 42 liter 29 99 COOL BOX WATERMELON 29 liter or 2141 Fun Miles 100064208 49 99 or 3569 Fun Miles 100064210 A DAY AT THE BEACH ALASKA SIDE TABLE Table with storage compartment UV resistant H30xL58xW48 cm 49 99 PARSY BEACH CHAIR or 3569 Fun Miles Foldable chair with handle and high backrest UV resistant Available in taupe and turquoise 100064216 36 99 or 2641 Fun Miles 100064218 BEAN BAG TOSS GAME 24 99 or 1784 Fun Miles 100064666 16 OUTDOOR LAWN DART GAME 6 piece set 24 99 or 1784 Fun Miles 100064669 DISC TARGET TOSS GAME 24 99 or 1784 Fun Miles 100064667

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outdoor living OUTDOOR CEILING FAN COMET WITH LIGHT Uses 2x E26 40W max lightbulbs not included 120V 60Hz 5 ABS blades 52 White 219 99 or 15707 Fun Miles 100062969 CREATE YOUR COZY OUTDOOR SITTING AREA OUTDOOR CEILING FAN ZETES WITH LIGHT Uses 2x E26 60W max lightbulbs not included 120V 60Hz 5 ABS blades 52 Oil rubbed bronze finish COSTA GARDEN SET 199 99 Anthracite or white available Stackable chairs High resistance to inclement weather Table with storage or 14279 Fun Miles compartment 100064221 MIAMI PIEDRA GARDEN SET GREY Made from recycled materials 209 99 or 14993 Fun Miles 100051635 329 99 or 23561 Fun Miles 100064222 17

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outdoor living RECTANGULAR CEMENT FIBER SHELF ON ACACIA WOOD BASE Available in 2 sizes H60xL87xW28cm or H47 5xL95 5xW34 5cm Starting at 129 99 or 9281 Fun Miles 100065063 ROUND SANDSTONE POT ON ACACIA WOOD LEG Available in 2 sizes H40x 36 5cm or H56 5x 40cm Colour pot brown or cement Starting at 54 39 100065059 100061112 99 or 3926 Fun Miles 12 BASIC PREASSEMBLED MIST COOLING KIT Great for cooling your outdoor living areas 37 99 or 2712 Fun Miles 100063773 18 ADIRONDACK CHAIR Weather and fade resistant Stackable Available in several colours 99 or 2855 Fun Miles ORBIT MIST PORTABLE KIT The 12 foot portable mist cooling kit provides relief from the heat wherever you need it 32 99 or 2355 funmiles 100016623

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outdoor living UMBRELLA FABRIC CRANK STEEL 274 cm Available in several colours Market crank umbrella ideal to add to your deck or patio and enjoy the comfort of shade Easily add a fun splash of color to your outdoor space 74 99 or 5354 Fun Miles 100057933 WIND CHIME WITH AGATE STONES COVER UMBRELLA ZIPPER HEAVY DUTY 274 cm Available in several colours UMBRELLA BASE ESSENTIAL 18kg Black 56 99 Available in different colours 21 99 or 1570 Fun Miles 100064647 or 4063 Fun Miles 100057936 17 99 or 1284 Fun Miles 100057940 CANOPY MAGNUM PRO 305x305 cm Blue 179 99 or 12851 Fun Miles 100037728 CANOPY INSTANT BLUE 305x305 cm Blue 124 99 or 8924 Fun Miles 100047810 19

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funmiles net Always 2x Fun Miles The more you buy the more Fun Miles Mega Miles rewarded each quarter 2x 3x Fun Miles Fun Miles up to f 2 000 or USD 1 000 20 f 2 000 10 000 or USD 1 001 5 550 4x 5x Fun Miles Fun Miles f 10 000 25 000 or USD 5 551 13 750 f 25 000 or USD 13 751 and up you get

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lawn garden NEW AT KOOYMAN BAMBOO MAT DALLAN 200x180X2CM Available 1 and 2 meters long Made of 2cm thick bamboo sticks tied per stem Connected with galvanized iron wire 214 99 or 15350 Fun Miles 100064145 BAMBOO MAT BLACK 200x180X3CM Available 1 and 2 meters long Made of 3cm thick bamboo sticks tied per stem Connected with galvanized iron wire 289 99 or 20705 Fun Miles NATUURLIJKE BAMBOO POLE 270CM 7 8 39 99 100064146 Robust 270 cm long natural bamboo pole or 2855 Fun Miles 100064148 Ideal for decoration or construction BAMBOO MAT ORIENTAL 200x300CMX10MM Made of 10mm thick bamboo sticks tied per stem Connected with galvanized iron wire BAMBOO POLE BLACK 270CM 6 8 Robust 270 cm long black bamboo pole Ideal for decoration or construction 64 99 174 99 or 12494 Fun Miles 100064143 or 4640 Fun Miles 100064149 21

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lawn garden 30 DISCOUNT TILE SALTILLO 33 8x33 8 cm Ceramic wall floor Antislip brick pattern for outdoor and bathrooms 16 99 11 99 TILE TURQUIA MULTICOLOR TILE LISBOA CENIZA 30x60 cm Ceramic wall floor Color grey stone Antislip matte finish 45 8x45 8 cm Ceramic wall floor Antislip finish with different textures or 856 Fun Miles 100045556 11 99 19 99 100060032 100036207 or 856 Fun Miles TILE PRAGA BRONCE 30x60 cm Ceramic wall floor Unique touch to any room Perfect for indoor and outdoor residental use 19 99 or 1427 Fun Miles or 1427 Fun Miles 100006854 LUMBER FENCING PT 1x6 6 FT GIVE YOUR GARDEN A MAKEOVER with these beautiful tiles and durable fences This Pine Dog Ear Picket is made from pine for durable long lasting performance This all wood picket is 6 feet long It has a classic dogear pattern that can add charm to almost any outdoor space It is paintable and stainable to match with your exterior decor You can use it for outdoor applications including picket fences and gardens 5 99 or 428 Fun Miles 100012841 FENCING PANEL 6x8FT SHADOW BOX 109 99 or 7853 Fun Miles 100007845 FENCING PANEL 6x8FT Layer vertical boards on top of each other If installed correctly every other board is attached to an opposite side of the fence rails with small spaces in between Use the 6 ft x 8 ft pressure treated pine shadowbox fence panel to help provide privacy in your yard This panel is made of solid unpainted pine and is treated to provide resistance to termites and fungal decay It can also be stained or painted as you see fit 109 99 or 7853 Fun Miles 100005896 23

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do it yourself k c e d a l o g r e P This project is perfect for those who STEP BY STEP want to create a unique space outside the house to 1 Mark out the area of where you want your pergola to go 2 Build your profiles and place these at least half a metre back from your outside corners expand a porch or make a beautiful gazebo 3 Run stringlines from your profiles which will give you the outside area of your pergola 4 Measure the diagonals to ensure your pergola is square 5 Dig your holes 400mm square by a minimum 500mm deep 6 In the bottom of your holes place a concrete block for the posts to sit on so they are off the ground Check our website for the instructions to complete your DIY project WHAT DO YOU NEED TOOLS 2 1 3 Hammer Sockets Hand saw Levels chalklines Measuring tapesm rulers squares Electric drills Spanners MATERIALS Deck pergola lumber Nails and screws Concrete optional MULTI FLOOR SET THINSET 50 lbs Grey Offers economy and good bond strength for floor tile installations Apply over concrete subfloors cement backerboards and existing ceramic tile 16 99 or 1213 Fun Miles 100017222 2 JAMO THINSET GTS 50 lbs Grey 14 99 or 1070 Fun Miles 100063069 3 JAMO MULTI BOND THINSET 50 lbs Grey A basic economical polymer modified thin set mortar that meets ANSI A118 4 requirements 23 99 or 1713 Fun Miles 100045641 1 Check our video for the step by step instructions kooymanbv com diy list pergola 24

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do it yourself 9 99 or 714 Fun Miles 100052713 GALVANIZED DECK SCREWS Excellent corrosion resistance Used for pressure treated lumber Exceeds 250 hour salt spray test 11 99 or 857 Fun Miles 100020562 PROJECT PRO 1000 HOUR DECK SCREW Ceramic coated for durability Torx bit does not strip the head Nibs and serration for quick entry SPIJKER BLOCKBRUSH STAIN 4X14 11 99 or 856 Fun Miles 100001200 15 DISCOUNT THOMPSON TIMBER OIL Nourishes beautifies One coat protection Resists mildew UV damage Prevents water damage Different colors available 79 99 67 99 or 4854 Fun Miles 100025311 13 99 or 999 Fun Miles 41 99 100010518 LANDSCAPE TIMBER 8 These wood landscape timbers add a natural yet practical accent to any yard or garden They make excellent and safe retainer walls borders and planters They can be painted or stained and are pressure treated to withstand termites fungi and rot Each piece of lumber is unique and carries physical characteristics that may include the following knots warping shrinkage swelling and or splitting or 2998 Fun Miles 100008253 100009388 LUMBER DECKING PT 2X6 AND 11 4x6 16 FT Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance This lumber is pressure treated in order to protect it from termites fungal decay and rot Ideal for a variety of applications including decks playsets landscaping stair support walkways and other outdoor projects where lumber is exposed to the elements This lumber can be painted or stained When used properly it is both safe and environmentally friendly 25

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electrical 15 DISCOUNT dimmers s le c a pt e c e r s e h c it on all sw 15 DISCOUNT No discount on wallplates 26

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services at kooyman 30 DAYS RETURN Oops bought KEY CENTER Need a spare key Don t wait till you re locked out Visit our key center to make a duplicate of your most important keys Fast and easy while you re waiting CUSTOM SCREEN SERVICE Need a screen that is custom made for your windows or doors We are happy to make these for you Just ask our service desk personnel for family friends Surprise them with a Kooyman gift card in the amount of your choice PAINT MIXING What color can we mix for you today Every imaginable color is possible We can mix over 20 000 different colors in the finish and the brand you choose CUTTING SERVICE Board lumber or REDEEM FUN MILES You don t COLOR SCANNING Match that fabulous color of your curtains Bring a color sample of any color or material and let our experts scan it and find the matching paint color for you FREE ESTIMATES Good budgeting is the first step in every project Request your material estimate completely free of charge and start off your project on the right foot Just ask our service desk personnel 2 X FUN MILES AND MEGA MILES HOW TO MANUAL Want to tackle ONE YEAR WARRANTY Every power KITCHEN DESIGN Standard or a gourmet kitchen Design your custom kitchen with the help of one of our kitchen experts Create your own dream kitchen ORDER 24 7 ONLINE At Kooyman REPAIR MAINTENANCE Need the wrong tile or drill No problem at Kooyman you can always return purchased items within 30 days and get cash back Ask for the conditions at our Service Desk KEY Cutting GIFT CARD Looking for a great gift always need money to buy your products at Kooyman Redeem your Fun Miles to purchase products in our store Pay the full amount or a part of your purchase with Fun Miles At least 2x Fun Miles on all your Kooyman purchases The multiplier starts at 2 times and can go up to even 5 times the original quantity of Fun Miles Fun Miles fun within your reach Cutting Service a DIY project Check out our HOWTO MANUALS We offer step by step guides with valuable tips checklists and must haves order 24 7 ONLINE we offer you the ability to shop with us 24 hours per day and 7 days a week Check out our catalog with over 24 000 products for specs prices and stock levels Order online and pick up your products in our Drive Thru steel doesn t fit in your car No problem we can cut them to fit transport ready Just ask our drive thru personnel tool you buy at Kooyman comes with a full one year warranty In the event that something is wrong with the power tool we will replace it with a new one repair or maintenance on your power tools No worries Bring your powertool or garden machine to one of our technicians available at our inhouse Repair Maintenance Desk Always 2x Fun Miles Mega Miles rewarded each quarter KOOYMAN BONAIRE Kaya Korona 11 Tel 717 87 77 www kooymanbv com OPENING HOURS Monday Saturday 08 00 am 06 00 pm NON STOP Sunday 09 00 am 01 00 pm NON STOP Not a Fun Miles member yet The Fun Miles welcome pack is available at our Kooyman cashiers It contains one Fun Miles card for only 3 Registering your card is fast and easy Visit funmiles net now funmiles net The more you buy the more Fun Miles you get This circular is only valid at Kooyman Bonaire All prices are in US Dollar Prices mentioned in circular are only valid on cash purchases Prices expire July 17th 2022 or while supplies last Kooyman is not liable for any typing and or printing errors and reserves the right to correct printing errors Some items may be limited to stock on hand due to availability Price may change if there are extreme variations Items may vary from illustrations Contact our info desk for shipping and delivery information 27

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kitchen IN STOCK KITCHEN MINI2GO WITH TOP Size 100cm White Includes doorhandles 449 99 or 32129 Fun Miles KIT190019 No time to shop Save time and order online www kooymanbv com 28 Order online For delivery or pick up at store You need ideas Follow us on Facebook and Instagram there is always something to do