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Kooyman Brochure Curacao - 6 - June 25th until July 12th - 2020

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NO 06 VALID FROM JUNE 25TH UNTIL JULY 12TH 2020 10 discou nt building materials hardware home improvement

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KITCHEN ask ou kitche r expertn s for advise INCLUDES MODERN DOOR HANDLES BASIC DRAWERS RUSTIC ROUGH OAK WOOD DECOR DOORS 10 HIGH QUALITY EUROPEAN DESIGN discou nt IN STOCK ADJUSTABLE LEGS CUSTOM KITCHEN LASSE Payments in max 36 months Installation is NOT included Offer temporarily valid BELION CERAMIC COOKTOP 60CM BLACK GLASS BELION GAS COOKTOP GAS PGA211 60CM Cast iron grids with rubber pads 4 gas burners Electronic spark ignition 220V w ea s r 5 y 574 74 679 499 or 27200 Fun Miles or 20000 Fun Miles 100030668 EKK604T10 100044259 99 f 23 00 p m 36 months 2 ra ar ea s r y ea s r w w 2 y nt 5 ra ar y y ea s r y nt 2 ra ar y nt ra ar y nt w 4 Electric burners 220V Touchsense buttons 99 f 17 00 p m 36 months

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KITCHEN GREY MATTE BASALT DOORS 20 UP TO PREMIUM SOFTCLOSE DOORS AND DRAWERS discou nt CAN BE COMBINED WITH ANY DOOR HANDLE IN STOCK CUSTOM KITCHEN RONJA BELION ELECTRIC OVEN BUILT IN POA151 BELION GAS OVEN BUILT IN 60CM Built in 60cm with 54 liter capacity Electric oven 220V 5 Oven functions with grill w ea s r 5 y 1044 99 ra ar ea s r y ea s r w w 2 y nt 5 ra ar y y ea s r y nt 2 ra ar y nt ra ar y nt w Stainless steel 220V Built in gas oven for 60cm 1358 49 939 99 1199 99 or 37600 Fun Miles or 48000 Fun Miles 100044945 POA151 100026716 POA900B f 31 00 p m 36 months f 40 00 p m 36 months 3

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KITCHEN HIGH QUALITY EUROPEAN DESIGN 10 UP TO discou nt CR ME SILK GLOSS DOORS WITH ELEGANT PINE INCLUDES MODERN DOOR HANDLES IN STOCK ADJUSTABLE LEGS CUSTOM KITCHEN FINN Payments in max 36 months Installation is NOT included Offer temporarily valid EQ UNDERMOUNT RANGE HOOD 60CM 220V Installs under cabinets Suitable for circulation STEEL POLISH 313 89 279 99 or 11200 Fun Miles 100038815 It cleans polishes protects Use on stainless steel cooking hoods microwave fridges draining boards pans kitchenware Suitable for aluminium copper pans synthetic worktops chrome taps kettles electric cooking plates 14 99 or 600 Fun Miles 100002826 4

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KITCHEN ask kitc our expehen r for ts adv ise MDF HIGH GLOSS DOORS SLEEK INTEGRATED DOOR HANDLES 10 HIGHEST EUROPEAN QUALITY IN STOCK discou nt CUSTOM KITCHEN HEDDA OVEN GRILL BBQ CLEANER Removes effectively dried and even baked on grease from ovens grills and barbecues 10 discou nt Kooyman offers a selection of high quality affordable kitchens for every budget We are happy to help you design the gourmet kitchen of your dreams or that kitchenette for an office or housing project 15 67 or 627 Fun Miles 100004483 STAINLESS STEEL QUICK CLEANER Removes grease dirt fingerprints from stainless steel chrome and aluminium quickly without streaks HOW TO BUY YOUR KITCHEN AT KOOYMAN 12 99 or 520 Fun Miles 100004322 Consult one of our kitchen experts at your favorite Kooyman Megastore Bring your kitchen dimensions and an idea of your dream kitchen We will make a design of the kitchen you always imagined yourself cooking in 5

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KITCHEN 10 discou nt WHITE MELAMINE DOORS INCLUDES MODERN DOOR HANDLES ADJUSTABLE LEGS IN STOCK CUSTOM KITCHEN BENGT Payments in max 36 months Installation is NOT included Offer temporarily valid STORAGE CABINET PACK BERGAMO Versatile cabinet kit that can be used in pantry laundy or garage An elegant burnt red color with wooden decor sides Kit consists of 100cm base cabinets matching wall units and a basalt grey countertop 100cm COOKWARE SET PERFORMA STAINLESS STEEL MEGA BUY 499 99 or 8000 Fun Miles KIT190001 f 17 00 p m 36 months 6 12 piece set Compatible with all cooktops Dishwasher and oven safe 239 34 199 15 nt ou disc or 8000 Fun Miles 100053775 99

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KITCHEN 10 discount on THESE items LARGE DOOR HOOK SCHNOOK 9 99 8 99 9 99 8 or 360 Fun Miles 100022087 99 or 360 Fun Miles ALSO AVAILABLE IN 100022143 SADDLE SINK CADDY BLACK OR WHITE 19 99 17 15 99 99 or 720 Fun Miles 100003169 bl e f l e x i ne s il ic o e b can d e mol d y to an s in k HOOK OVER CABINET SCHNOOK 3 PACK ALSO AVAILABLE IN 14 39 or 576 Fun Miles 100003172 OVER CABINET TOWEL BAR SCHNOOK MARLA MARBLE PAPER TOWEL HOLDER 39 99 35 99 or 1440 Fun Miles 100003164 16 99 15 29 or 612 Fun Miles 100003227 FLEX SLING SINK ORGANIZER CHARCOAL OR WHITE 7

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KITCHEN Available for Special order we do KITCHEN F A U CE T S 10 discou nt LAMINATE COUNTERTOP CRYSTAL GOLD hot cold height 32 3 cm distance of spout 22cm 599 99 or 24000 Fun Miles 100019129 CRYSTAL GUNMETAL hot cold height 32 3 cm distance of spout 22cm 599 99 or 24000 Fun Miles 100014039 CRYSTAL COPPER hot cold height 32 3 cm distance of spout 22cm 599 99 or 24000 Fun Miles 100013361 NIMBUS one handle hot cold sleek modern look BlueStart technology postpones immediate mixing of hot water conserving energy 349 99 or 14000 Fun Miles 100014034 VIDIMA cold water 99 99 or 4000 Fun Miles 100014959 PLAY one handle hot cold rubber sput can be twisted in any form ceramic handle 209 99 now 179 99 or 7200 Fun Miles 100014984 ATMOR KITCHEN TANKLESS WATER HEATER Tankles water heater for kitchen Stand alone None digital Can be used for two water faucets 220V Scratch Resistance Stain Resistance Starting at 332 99 Heat Resistance Impact Resistance sheet Repairable or 13320 Fun Miles f 11 00 p m 36 months 261 24 222 05 or 8882 Fun Miles 100031914 15 discou nt 8 265x60cm Used as kitchen countertop and suitable for all kind off food Laminate worktops are very durable and easy to maintain With a little care they stay like new for many years You can cut the worktop to the length you want and cover the edges with the edging strips bands Scratch resistant and heat resistant Easy to wipe with a damp cloth easy to maintain REGINOX STANDS FOR INNOVATION AND QUALITY 15 discou nt SINK 1BOWL ROUND Made of durable stainless steel For top mount installation drop in Sink is dropped into a hole cut into the top of a vanity or benchtop 208 99 177 99 or 7120 Fun Miles 100001324

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KITCHEN amazingcountertops 10 discou nt CORIAN SOLID SURFACE COUNTERTOPS 368x76cm Solid surface countertops are seamleass and easily resist water bacteria and stains One piece construction offers a clean look and allows for integration of additional kitchen accessories QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS ask ou kitche r expertn s for advise Scratch Resistance Stain Resistance Heat Resistance Impact Resistance Repairable 160x185x2cm Prefabricated quartz sheet 2cm thick for countertop applications Beautiful durable easy care quartz is among the most popular countertop materials Material man made engineered stone formed by combining 90 ground quartz a natural hard mineral with 8 10 resins polymers and pigments Top and 4 sides of the sheets are polished Scratch Resistance Starting at 699 99 sheet Stain Resistance Heat Resistance Impact Resistance Repairable or 28000 Fun Miles Starting at 764 99 sheet or 306000 Fun Miles f 26 00 p m 36 months f 24 00 p m 36 months 10 discou nt SINK BETA 10 Made of durable stainless steel For top mount installation drop in Sink is dropped into a hole cut into the top of a vanity or benchtop 219 44 187 99 or 7520 Fun Miles 100003550 SINK BETA 20 Made of durable stainless steel For top mount installation drop in Sink is dropped into a hole cut into the top of a vanity or benchtop 292 59 259 99 or 10400 Fun Miles 100003654 DISCOUNT INCLUDED 9

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kitchen hardware BRING YOUR DREAM KITCHEN TO LIFE PULL MODERN STANDARDS 3 0 76mm Antique Brass 1 piece 6 88 7 54 or 275 Fun Miles or 275 Fun Miles or 302 Fun Miles 100048682 100036052 100035494 PULL RICHMOND 9 24 3 0 76mm Satin Pewter 1 piece PULL T BAR MELROSE 9 42 3 0 76mm Oil Rubbed Bronze 1 piece 11 31 or 370 Fun Miles or 377 Fun Miles or 452 Fun Miles 100019614 100028241 100030389 KNOB MELROSE PULL GEO FLAT 1 1 2 38mm Stainless steel 1 piece 3 8 96mm Flat Pewter 1 piece 12 25 22 00 10 PULL DANICA 3 8 96mm Polished chrome 1 piece 6 88 PULL AU NATURAL 3 0 76mm Hardwood 1 piece PULL CLASSIC TRADITION 3 0 76mm Antique Brass Finish 1 piece PULL MELROSE 3 8 96mm Satin nickel 5 pieces 39 99 or 490 Fun Miles or 915 Fun Miles or 1600 Fun Miles 100029521 100037028 100029588

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kitchen hardware PRECISION PARTIAL EXTENSION SLIDE WITH PULL OUT STOP AND ROLL OUT PREVENTION DRAWER SLIDE PART EXTENSION DRAWER SLIDE SOFT CLOSE Slide and ball race form a single inseparable unit Smooth action and high side stability through precision slide Arrow marking fitting direction Additional front support for drawers longer than 430 mm Available in various sizes 10 Starting at 8 99 8 09 discou nt or 324 Fun Miles 100035896 10 Silent system the integrated soft closing mechanism Unhinged by unlocking With assembly screws Chromated steel Available in various sizes discou nt Starting at 64 99 58 49 PULL OUT STOP AND ROLL OUT PREVENTION or 2340 Fun Miles 100005230 OPENING ANGLE 110 CUP DIAMETER 35MM RECESS DEPTH 12MM INCL SCREWS IN CROSS MOUNTING PLATE ECOMAT HINGE WITH SPRING For snap on attachement ECOMAT HINGE WITH SPRING ECOMAT HINGE WITH SPRING With clip on technology 8 8 or 334 Fun Miles or 334 Fun Miles With clip on technology 8 35 35 FOR FULL OVERLAY 100005114 FOR HALF OVERLAY 100035894 FOR FULL OVERLAY 35 FOR HALF OVERLAY or 334 Fun Miles FOR INSET 100035895 FOR INSET Door Door TO P V IE W C A B IN E T S ID E SLIDING DOOR SYSTEM Suitable for built in refrigerator Material plastic Door Door TO P V IE W C A B IN E T HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE LEG 150MM Plastic adjustable leg with plinth holder Max weight 200 kg 440 pound Suitable for kitchen cabinets and bathroom furniture Clip for plints also sold separate TO P V IE W C A B IN E T S ID E PLASTIC SCREW ON DOOR BUFFER Easy convert to softclose For all pivoting doors with automatic hinges 4 pieces 14 14 26 or 580 Fun Miles or 600 Fun Miles or 1080 Fun Miles 100035944 100035887 100005124 49 99 99 11

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SERVICES Warm weather a change of scenery and a few days to relax there s a reason we wait all year for summer vacation But even if you can t travel this season and want to extend those feel good vacation vibes let Kooyman be your STAY K TION guide and together we can make the best of summer 2020 The Kooyman STAY K TION campaign will inspire you to challenge their inner creative and find ways to stay busy during summer 2020 With a series of 2 weekly themes online video workshops and great sweepstakes Kooyman will guide shoppers to create fun settings at home 12

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easy financing There is always a way with K Pay K Pay easy financing clear flexible and friendly New airco New kitchen A project that you have been putting off K Pay lets you finance the exact amount you need with attractive benefits The financial space to realize your project now No down payments Friendly low interest rates Flexible amounts starting at f 500 Flexible repayment periods 6 to 36 months Clear pre determined conditions no surprises Why wait Apply now What documents do you need Do take notice of the following opening hours of the Customer Finance Desk Monday till Friday from 8am till 6pm and Saturdays and Sundays closed Valid ID ID card driver s license or passport 2 last pay slips 2 last bank statements same period as pay slips Last utility bill A recent job letter not older then 2 weeks Fun Miles card Don t have one We ll fix that for you on the spot It s easy Just drop by the Customer Finance Desk for a tailor made offer EXAMPLES OF MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS AMOUNT 12 24 36 1000 90 48 33 2500 225 118 83 5000 449 236 165 K Pay is exclusively available to private individuals 13

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Home Hardware 20 on ONLY PRINTED DESIGN CURTAINS UNI COLOR CURTAINS ARE NOT INCLUDED t coun dis CURTAIN LEAFY BLUE Available sizes 140x240cm 41 79 33 43 or 1337 Fun Miles 100011837 100046493 100017829 100017830 14 100012302 100017827

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Home Hardware RETOUCH YOUR OLD FURNITURE WITH SELF ADHESIVE VINYL FILM PLATINUM SILVER OR GLOSS GOLD 1 5 m x 45 cm 18 99 or 760 Fun Miles 100054583 100054582 new kooymat an RIO OCEAN MARBLE GREY 2 m x 45 cm BLACK WOOD 2 m x 45 cm 2 m x 45 cm 9 99 9 99 9 99 or 400 Fun Miles or 400 Fun Miles or 400 Fun Miles 100019134 100019131 100019135 15

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Outdoor Living SUNSHADE LIGHT GREY Available sizes 3 6m and 5m Assorted colors light grey dark grey sand white and terracotta SUNSHADE TROPICAL Size 3 6m 2 colors assorted Starting at 47 99 or 1800 Fun Miles 100014669 99 99 or 4000 Fun Miles 100013967 BEACH TOWEL Size 100X180cm Anthracite reserved Shells pink Pineapple aqua Cotton 69 99 or 2800 Fun Miles 100054405 SIDETABLE MIAMI OUTDOOR WHITE AND LIGHT GREY Size 50 5x46 5CM Outdoor furniture 99 99 KIDS LOUNGE CHAIR BUNNY Size 70x40x36 cm Color light grey or 4000 Fun Miles 100013969 219 99 SOFA SET MARBELLA OUTDOOR PINK 2 chairs 1 table Color pink Outdoor furniture 499 99 or 20000 Fun Miles 100013968 f 17 00 p m 36 months 16 or 8800 Fun Miles 100013965

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Outdoor Living UMBRELLA GREY BLUE OR GREY PINK Size 300x240cm 199 99 or 8000 Fun Miles 100013476 BASE UMBRELLA 15KG Material steel plastic and concrete Size 37x37x35 cm Suitable for umbrella poles 35 53 mm Color black PALLET MATRESS LEAF Lounge cushion ideal for pallet lounges Size 140x80x8 cm Assorted colors 109 99 or 4400 Fun Miles 100012723 Starting at 119 99 or 4800 Fun Miles 100047171 COOLER BAG HANDLES LEAF Cooler bag with handles Size 20x50x40 cm 49 99 or 2000 Fun Miles 100047169 COOLER BAG LEAF Cooler bag with leaf print Size 17x34x38 cm 34 99 or 1400 Fun Miles 100013971 CUSHION LEMONS OUTDOOR Size 55x38cm 39 or 1600 Fun Miles 100047168 CHAIR PAD LEMONS OUTDOOR Size 42x42x5 5cm 49 99 or 2000 Fun Miles 100012725 CUSHION LEMONS OUTDOOR Size 45x45cm 39 99 or 1600 Fun Miles 100047167 PILLOW PALM LEAF Size 15x45x45cm 2 colors assorted 37 99 or 1520 Fun Miles 100013966 CHAIR PAD LEAVES OUT Size 42x42x5 5cm 49 99 or 2000 Fun Miles 100012724 CUSHION LEAVES OUTDOOR Size 55x38cm 39 99 or 1600 Fun Miles 100013970 CUSHION LEAVES OUTDOOR Size 45x45cm 39 99 or 1600 Fun Miles 100013477 99 17

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lighting HANGING LAMP SATIN GOLD HANGING LAMP ANTIQUE COPPER Satin gold finish Material steel and glass Overall size D180xH230mm Socket E27 1x 60w Bulb not included HANGING LAMP SHINY Shiny black and copper finish Material steel Overall size D330xH250mm Socket E27 1x 60w Bulb not included Rose gold finish Material steel and glass Overall size D80xH230mm Socket E27 1x 60w Bulb not included 15 67 99 15 67 99 15 119 99 79 99 79 99 or 2720 Fun Miles discou nt 100034874 or 2720 Fun Miles 100016775 discou nt 142 99 discou nt or 4800 Fun Miles 100024036 Choose a LED BULB for your lamp and save energy Compact fluorescent bulb replaces a 60W incandescent bulb while using only 13W This CFL uses up to 78 less energy and lasts up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs Choose a single ECOBULB DAYLIGHT 60w 9 92 ECOBULB DAYLIGHT 60W 30 29 or 1212 Fun Miles 100019613 or 397 Fun Miles 100004806 pack or a 4 pack to save SMART LED RETROFIT KIT Easy bluetooth setup Equivalent to 75W uses only 10W and up to 81 less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb Average life of 25 000hrs 22 8years Dimmable 109 99 or 4400 Fun Miles 100022316 18 LED BULB ECO MAX LED bulb 2 pack 75w but uses 9w Socket E27 LED BULB ECO MAX VINTAGE LED bulb vintage 60w but uses 7w Socket E27 13 58 17 99 or 543 Fun Miles or 720 Fun Miles 100003992 100035867

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plumbing CULLIGAN WATERFILTER CARDRIDGE HF 150 Easily installs on 1 2 inch or 3 4 inch main cold water line Reduces and scale particles to extend life of household fixtures and appliances Dynamically sealing Cartridge sold separately 57 46 48 84 or 1954 Fun Miles 100033477 clean water for a healthier life 15 disco u nt OB1 S S06 SEDIMENT WATER FILTER Whole house water filter system for homes with 3 4 in incoming water lines Compact design with the wall mounting bracket designed as part of the cap Cartridge sold separately so you can customize your unit to meet your filtration needs Reduce sediment sand dirt rust particles tastes and odors Pressure relief valve Designed for average size homes 57 46 WH5 S S06 SEDIMENT WATER FILTER Clear whole house water filter system for homes with 3 4 in incoming water lines Filtering your water extends the life of your water using equipment Clear water filter system for the entire home with clear housing so you can tell when to change the cartridge Cartridge sold separately so you can customize your unit to meet your filtration needs 67 91 48 84 57 72 or 1954 Fun Miles or 2309 Fun Miles 100050029 100020433 HD 950 HD SEDIMENT WATER FILTER Easily installs on cold water line reduces dirt sand silt rust and scale particles to protect fixtures and appliances such as water heaters For high flow heavy sediment applications including private wells large homes farms restaurants swimming pools spas or trickle irrigation 159 99 HF 360 SEDIMENT WATER FILTER Easily installs on 1 2 or 3 4 in main cold water line Reduces sediment to extend life of household fixtures and appliances Eliminates need for additional shut off valves on cold water lines Half turn of handle on filter cap shuts off water flow to filter for hassle free cartridge replacement Clear to allow monitoring of cartridge life Dynamically sealing self cleaning o rings prevent leaks and clogging 114 94 135 99 97 70 or 5440 Fun Miles or 3908 Fun Miles 100048293 100016630 19

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Bath HANGING LAMP WOOD Hanging lamp wood with black finish Bulb not included Use two of the hanging lamp to create this look in your bathroom FINJA WALL MIRROR Design mirror combined with a practical shelf Made out of environmental friendly bamboo combined with MDF Dimension D35cm 34 99 29 99 109 99 or 1200 Fun Miles 100048024 or 4400 Fun Miles 100054443 M ix M at c h FAUCET LAVATORY AMET Lavatory faucet for hot and cold Ceramic head ensures precise water stream control Chromium plated is scratch and abrasion resistant VANITY SET MODUO Dimension 80cm width 44 7cm depth Softclose drawers Available in light grey Faucet not included 599 99 119 99 or 24000 Fun Miles or 14800 Fun Miles 100015041 100015641 f 20 00 p m 36 months FINJA 3 TIER SHELVING Versatile rack with 3 shelves Made out of environmental friendly bamboo combined with MDF Dimensions H76xW43xD36 cm FINJA SHELF LAUNDRY BOX Rack combined with laundry box Made out of environmental friendly bamboo and MDF Dimension H95xW40xD30cm 112 219 or 4520 Fun Miles or 8800 Fun Miles 100054442 100054444 99 20 99

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Bath WALL LAMP MATT BLACK Wall lamp Bulb not included Use Bulb of 60w maximum LED vintage for a beautiful look You need two wall lamps to create this look 37 99 VANITY MIRROR ROUND Vanity mirror 0 80cm Also available in 60cm or 1520 Fun Miles 100018244 179 99 LED BULB LED bulb with vintage look Use 6W E27 or 7200 Fun Miles 100046914 22 98 M at c h 100005192 VANITY SET MODUO SLIM Dimension 80cm width 37 57cm depth Softclose drawers Ideal for small bathrooms Available in white Faucet not included i x M or 919 Fun Miles FAUCET LAVATORY MILLE Lavatory faucet for hot and cold Ceramic head ensures precise water stream control Mille faucet is equiped with water saving technology SL IM 599 99 239 99 or 24000 Fun Miles or 9600 Fun Miles 100015042 100017856 f 20 00 p m 36 months SHOWER DRAIN LAGOS VEIL Linear drain tile in grate Size 12x3inch Finishes available satin polish and black Includes hair debris strainer threaded nipple lifting key Made of stainless teel marine 316 grate with ABS pre pitched drain base 179 98 or 7199 Fun Miles 100054433 SHOWERSET SENTI Senti showerset has 5 functions Diameter is 12cm Hose is 200cm made of reinforced PVC with metal ends Has an eco function to save water and energy SPHINX 280 SERIE TANK BOWL White high quality ceramic Can be combined with different toilet seats sold seperately TANK FLUSHES WITH 3L OR 6L SAVE WATER 417 97 109 99 399 98 or 4400 Fun Miles or 16000 Fun Miles 100014881 100037231 10008179 21

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tiles FLOOR TILE PATCH MARFIL FLOOR TILE TRAFFIC Ceramic tile Size 56x56cm Mix colors Glazed Ceramic tile Size 56x56cm Outdoor and indoor use Color patchwork 17 99 18 99 or 720 Fun Miles or 760 Fun Miles 10006083 10006860 p m p m FLOOR TILE ORNAMENT FLOOR TILE NAIF BEIGE Ceramic tile Size 56x56cm Glossy 19 Size 45 8x45 8cm Outdoor use Matte 26 99 99 p m s or 800 Fun Miles or 1080 Fun Miles 100036211 100012973 FLOOR AND WALL TILE MARMORE BIANCO p m FLOOR TILE MAGNOLIA Porcelain tile Size 60x60cm Heavy commercial Porcelain tile Size 20x120cm Light commercial 34 99 69 99 or 1400 Fun Miles or 2800 Fun Miles 100006095 100036220 p m p m FLOOR TILE IBIRAPUERA MIX FLOOR TILE NORD RIS NAT RET Porcelain tile Size 20x120cm Light commercial Ceramic floor tile Heavy commercial 90x90cm 69 99 22 p m 69 99 p m or 2800 Fun Miles or 2800 Fun Miles 100006106 100002464

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tools CONCRETE MIXER B135 220V CONCRETE MIXER B165 220V Maximum drum capacity 125 Liter Maximum drum capacity 160 Liter 699 99 999 99 599 99 DRUM WITH REINFORCED LUBRIBIFICATION OPENING AND 3 DOUBLE MIXING BLADES POINT 799 99 CAST IRON GEAR RING or 24000 Fun Miles or 32000 Fun Miles 100041594 100031078 f 20 00 p m 36 months CONCRETE MIXER BP400 HONDA GX powered by Maximum drum capacity 360 Liter f 27 00 p m 36 months 4999 00 3999 00 powered by or 159960 Fun Miles 6499 00 5499 CONCRETE MIXER BP500 HONDA GX160 Maximum drum capacity 450 Liter 00 or 219960 Fun Miles 100031090 100041607 f 132 00 p m 36 months LUBRIBIFICATION POINT 2 CONICAL BEARINGS 3 TRANSMISSION BEARINGS OPTIONAL BIG ENGINE BOX f 182 00 p m 36 months SUPPORT EXTENSIBLE SUSPENSION AXLE REINFORCED STRUCTURE HANDLES FOR DISCHARGE POLY V IRON AND TRAPEZOIDAL BELT TRANSMISSION BY CHAIN DRUM WITH REINFORCED OPENING AND 3 DOUBLE MIXING BLADES CAST IRON GEAR RING 23

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paint KOOYMAN WHITEX INTERIOR WALL CEILING PAINT Ultra flat finish white paint Minimizes surface imperfections Great coverage Low spatter and quick dry 129 99 or 5200 Fun Miles 100028492 KOOYMAN EXTRA COVER WALL SEALER High performance primer for walls Prevents excessive absorbance of the topcoat Bridges hairline cracks with superior covering power 199 99 or 8000 Fun Miles 100051993 KOOYMAN COLORTEX INTERIOR WALL PAINT Mixable in all colors Excellent covering power Low odor low spatter and quick drying MEGA BUY ON MIX COLOR S 20 discou nt ON MIX COLOR S 15 KOOYMAN WALL PAINT COLORTEX EXTERIOR Weather resistant Mixable in all colors Excellent covering power Excellent fade resistant and durable flat satin discou nt 54 99 43 99 259 99 219 99 or 1760 Fun Miles 100028865 or 8800 Fun Miles 100044164 ROLLER SET METAL ECONOMICAL 11PC KOOYMAN ALL CLEAN QT COVERALL Cool breathable lightweight Durable reusable Large extra large KOOYMAN WHITE SPIRIT QT Thins oil based paints stain varnish Cleans brushes and paint tools 16 99 31 34 15 67 13 99 or 680 Fun Miles or 1254 Fun Miles or 627 Fun Miles or 560 Fun Miles 100038222 100019366 100028920 100027700 24

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paint KOOYMAN OIL BASED WOOD METAL PAINT S LOR CO IX M ON 5 1 RUST OLEUM CHALKED PAINT 31 99 27 19 nt ou c dis before Excellent resistance to wear and tear Cures to a hard durable finish Excellent flow creates a smooth surface Flat semi gloss and high gloss or 1088 Fun Miles Chalked Ultra Matte paint is an easy to use paint that dries to a velvety smooth matte finish It brings new life to tired and worn pieces in timeless colors Chalked paint can be distressed to achieve a vintage look that will last after 100040954 39 99 or 1600 Fun Miles ellent Exc Quality 100029704 BY KOOYMAN KOOYMAN WOOD VARNISH OIL BASED UV Ultra hard protective coating for bare or stained wood UV resistant for an extra durable topcoat surface and color Excellent long lasting wood protection ALL COLORS COLORED DUCT TAPE Agressive adhesive Adheres to most surfaces Strong durable weatherproof 27 99 or 1120 Fun Miles 100007271 RUST OLEUM ENAMEL Ultimate rust corrosion resistance in a tough attractive finish Durable coating prevents rust on metal surfaces Premium paint offers rich color and long lasting protection Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications 37 99 31 32 or 1280 Fun Miles or 1292 Fun Miles 100030391 100033320 99 SUPERTUFF WIPING CLOTH Use for cleaning polishing staining faux finish Washable reusable ON all COLOR S 15 29 DOUBLE SIDED TAPE Holding an item up to 20 lb Weatherresistant discou nt MIX N MEASURE CONTAINER 1 QT Solvent resistant Flat bottom for easy mixing 9 99 20 89 3 13 or 400 Fun Miles or 836 Fun Miles or 125 Fun Miles 100022555 100020192 100010665 25

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Lawn garden make your garden beautiful SUNSCREEN FABRIC GREEN SAND OR BLACK Reduces outdoor area by 15 degrees For patios privacy and play areas 5 22 100 LTR WHEELBARROW PER FEET or 209 Fun Miles European quality PE tub Holds 100 liters of water or 120 liters of dirt 219 99 197 99 or 7920 Fun Miles 100037657 100021135 10 nt ou c dis 4 x50 PVC CHAIN LINK FENCE 12 Gauge metal wire is finished with a 9 gauge green PVC coating 198 54 or 7942 Fun Miles 100045087 5 x50 219 44 GARDEN HOSES Strong 4 ply weatherflex design Medium duty 5 8 x25 5 8 x50 5 8 x75 47 01 62 69 83 59 or 1880 Fun Miles or 2508 Fun Miles or 3344 Fun Miles 100034949 100028079 100038081 5 8 x100 or 8778 Fun Miles 104 49 100008825 or 4180 Fun Miles 6 x50 100021476 229 or 9196 Fun Miles 100005979 26 89

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services at kooyman Trailer service LOAD GO Having problem transporting all your purchases Our Load Go trailer is at your disposal to get all your purchases home The first 2 hours are free of charge Just ask our service desk personnel for more information KEY CENTER Need a spare key Don t wait till you re locked out Visit our key center to make a duplicate of your most important keys Fast and easy while you re waiting CUSTOM SCREEN SERVICE Need a screen that is custom made for your windows or doors We are happy to make these for you Just ask our service desk personnel KIDS CORNER Our kids corner will keep your kids entertained while you enjoy shopping in Kooyman Megastore where you ll find all your hardware needs and more PAINT MIXING What color can we mix for you today Every imaginable color is possible We can mix over 20 000 different colors in the finish and the brand you choose CUTTING SERVICE Board lumber or KOOYMAN CAF Need a break from COLOR SCANNING Match that fabulous color of your curtains Bring a color sample of any color or material and let our experts scan it and find the matching paint color for you FREE ESTIMATES Good budgeting is the first step in every project Request your material estimate completely free of charge and start off your project on the right foot Just ask our service desk personnel 30 DAYS RETURN Oops bought DELIVERY SERVICE Bought too much PAYMENT SERVICES Use your GIFT CARD Looking for a great gift DEMOS WORKSHOPS Check our REPAIR MAINTENANCE Need REDEEM FUN MILES You don t HOW TO MANUAL Want to tackle ONE YEAR WARRANTY Every power 2 X FUN MILES AND MEGA MILES KITCHEN DESIGN Standard or a gourmet kitchen Design your custom kitchen with the help of one of our kitchen experts Create your own dream kitchen KEY Cutting shopping Visit our Kooyman Caf for refreshments Don t miss our weekly specials and signature snacks listed on kooymanbv com and our facebook page the wrong tile or drill No problem at Kooyman you can always return purchased items within 30 days and get cash back Ask for the conditions at our Service Desk or is it too big to fit in your car No problem we can deliver the materials and products for you Just ask our drive thru or service desk personnel for family friends Surprise them with a Kooyman gift card in the amount of your choice website circular and facebook for our demo workshop schedule we always have handy themes so you can tackle your next DIY project with confidence always need money to buy your products at Kooyman Redeem your Fun Miles to purchase products in our store Pay the full amount or a part of your purchase with Fun Miles a DIY project Check out our HOWTO MANUALS We offer step by step guides with valuable tips checklists and must haves At least 2x Fun Miles on all your Kooyman purchases The multiplier starts at 2 times and can go up to even 5 times the original quantity of Fun Miles Fun Miles fun within your reach Always 2x Fun Miles 2x 3x Fun Miles Fun Miles up to f 2 000 f 2 001 10 000 Mega Miles rewarded each quarter 4x 5x preferred payment method Cash check credit or debit cards are all accepted Payment made easy repair or maintenance on your power tools No worries Bring your powertool or garden machine to one of our technicians available at our inhouse Repair Maintenance Desk tool you buy at Kooyman comes with a full one year warranty In the event that something is wrong with the power tool we will repair it for free or replace it with a new one KOOYMAN CURACAO Tel 461 3333 www kooymanbv com OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK OPENING HOURS STA ROSA Fun Miles Fun Miles Monday Saturday 08 00 am 06 00 pm NON STOP Sunday 09 00 am 01 00 pm NON STOP f 10 001 25 000 f 25 001 and up OPENING HOURS MEGASTORE ZEELANDIA JAN NOORDUYNWEG Not a Fun Miles member yet The Fun Miles welcome pack is available at our Kooyman cashiers It contains one Fun Miles card for only f 5 Registering your card is fast and easy Visit funmiles net now funmiles net steel doesn t fit in your car No problem we can cut them to fit transport ready Just ask our drive thru personnel The more you buy the more Fun Miles you get Monday Saturday 07 00 am 06 00 pm NON STOP Sunday 09 00 am 02 00 pm NON STOP This circular is only valid at Kooyman Cura ao All prices are in Antillian Guilders Prices mentioned in circular are only valid on cash purchases including OB Prices expire July 12th 2020 or while supplies last Kooyman is not liable for any typing and or printing errors Contact our info desk for shipping and delivery information Items marked with an are not available in every store 27

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ELECTRICAL winter 10 cold nt u disco BTU Appl a re a ma x m 9 000 12 12 000 1 6 18 000 2 4 24 000 32 ALASKA INVERTER AIRCONDITIONER With Eco mode 60 savings vs normal mode Stylish smooth curve design Display can be switched off Silent and quiet mode operation Seer 20 Brackets included MADE BY MIDEA 24 STARTI NG AT P M Disclaimer The information is for indicative and general information purposes only Please rely on the specification and information supplied by your air conditioning installation service company 9 000 BTU 12 000 BTU 18 000 BTU 24 000 BTU 783 54 888 24 1253 99 1619 74 705 19 799 42 1128 59 1457 77 or 28208 Fun Miles or 31977 Fun Miles or 45144 Fun Miles or 58311 Fun Miles KIT430005 KIT430006 KIT430007 KIT430008 f 24 p m 36 months f 27 p m 36 months f 38 p m 36 months f 48 p m 36 months Administration fee is applicable Payment in 2 Offer valid from June 25 till July 12 2020 36 months No down payment 28 one year warranty on installation 2 5 one year warranty on airco unit five years warranty on compressor