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NO 11. VALID FROM NOVEMBER 18TH UNTIL DECEMBER 5TH, 2021Almost this time of the year again. Feel the magic of the holidays, this year more than ever. Whether near or far, we open our hearts and care for each other in the warmth of homemade happiness. 20%OFF

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PABLO POT ROUND • Available in 3 colors & 2 sizes; H19xØ21/H25xØ29 cmStarting at:39.99or 1600 funmiles100061287SINGLE FLOWER VASE LEAF GOLD • H30 cm 14.99or 600 funmiles100061289CHRISTY HURRICANE LIGHT GLASS DARK BROWN • Available in 2 colors• Ø15xH15 cm 31.99or 1280 funmiles100061350RANON LANTERN BAMBOO • Ø21xH46.5 cm 69.99or 2800 funmiles100061386A bohemian interior immediately gives you a holiday feeling. This living style is complemented by metallic accessories and accents. This interior also includes many plants, prints and animal furs. The characteristics that always come back in a bohemian interior are: relaxed atmosphere, color, pattern and style, metallic accents, happy prints, animal furs and North African - Mediterranean style.Bohemian Ethnic mix 'n match ELMO VASE GLASS • Available in 4 colors & 2 sizes; H14xØ12.5/H20xØ16 cmStarting at:14.99or 600 funmiles100061316SEBAS POT ON FOOT DOLOMITE TERRA • Available in 2 sizes; Ø18xH13/ Ø21xH22 cmStarting at:24.99or 1000 funmiles100061335CLOCK IRON BLACK • L20xW6xH30 cm 49.99or 2000 funmiles1000613052Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct ithome hardware

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MIRROR IRON GOLD • Available In 2 sizes: L20xH32/ L27xH39.5 cmStarting at:24.99or 1000 funmiles100061281ALIVO GLASS BOTTLE • H26xØ14.5cm 29.99or 1200 funmiles100061347ALIVO BOTTLE GLASS • Ø15.5xH25 cm 24.99or 1000 funmiles100061348DECORATION PLATE LEAVES • Ø33 cm 8.99or 360 funmiles100061352IRMA LANTERN BAMBOO • Ø25xH31 cm 69.99or 2800 funmiles100061354WOOD DECORATION • Ø15 or Ø20 cm TERRACOTTA POT OLIVER• H22xØ24cm 39.99or 1600 funmiles100061371Match your wallTHROW CRIXUS GREEN • 170x130 cm 49.99or 2000 funmiles100061412 54.99or 2200 funmiles100061407TAURO VASE GLASS • H30xØ8.5 cm 39.99or 1600 funmiles100061340CURTAIN VOILE GREENYBEL • 140x240cm • green 39.99or 1600 funmiles100061988THROW ANGELICO GREY • 130x170cm 84.99or 3400 funmiles100061414Several New Trendy curtain designs available Finding a paint color can be overwhelming and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. We help you to scan a hue then nd a paint color matches and coordinating colors instantly, saving you both time and money![This is a stockpicture, not all items are available at our store] Starting at:11.99or 480 funmiles100061390BENJAMIN MOORE OCTOBER MIST 14953home hardware

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TAURO VASE GLASS BLUE • H30xØ8.5 cm 39.99or 1600 funmiles100061341AREA RUG CARLET BLACK • L180xW120 CM 169.99or 6800 funmiles100061413 39.99or 1600 funmiles100061404 49.99or 2000 funmiles100061405 39.99or 1600 funmiles100061406TABLE CLOCK IRON BLACK • L16xW6xH21 cm 29.99or 1200 funmiles100061337 19.99/EACHor 800 funmiles100061302Match your wallXANDRA SINGLE FLOWER VASE GLASS YELLOW • Available in green & yellow• Ø10xH37.5 cm 44.99or 1800 funmiles100061389MERLE POT ON FOOT • 2 sizes: H18xØ17cm/H23xØ20cm 59.99or 2400 funmiles100061360 When it comes to home DIY projects with big impact, few can beat a fresh coat of paint. Paint projects can often get stalled when it comes to picking a color. Now, Kooyman helps take the guesswork out of color selection to transform your room from this to make a nice Bohemian athmosphere to your room together with our beautiful new products.[This is a stockpicture, not all items are available at our store]BENJAMIN MOORE HATHAWAY GOLD 1944Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct ithome hardware

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WALLDECORATION MODERN DESIGN • L45xH57 cm 39.99or 1600 funmiles100058969THROW FILIP RUST • L170xW130 cm 89.99or 3600 funmiles100061411ALEXIS POT SEAGRASS • Ø13xH13 cm14.99or 600 funmiles100061345OLIVER BOTTLE TERRACOTTA • Ø19xH35 cm 74.99or 3000 funmiles100061372Match your wallLOTS OF NEW CUSHIONS, starting at 39.99 or 1600 Fun MilesSeveral New Trendy curtain designs availablestarting at 24.99 or 1000 Fun Miles Scan a color you love to nd a color matches. It’s like having your very own personal color consultant at your ngertips. Come to Kooyman for any home project!BENJAMIN MOORE GERANIUM 13075home hardware

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43.99or 1760 funmiles10006237154.99or 2200 funmiles100062372FLOWER POT TUBUS 25 CM TERRA 11.99or 480 funmiles100062374FLOWER POT TUBUS 25 CM MARENGO 11.99or 480 funmiles100062375FLOWER POT BOWL CONCRETE LOOK 15CM14.99or 600 funmiles1000623766.99or 280 funmiles100062381FLOWER POT BOARDEE BASIC 20 CM BROWN 6.99or 280 funmiles10006238324.99or 1000 funmiles10006238824.99or 1000 funmiles10006238932.99or 1320 funmiles100062390make life more green6Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct itoutdoor living

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GRILL GAZEBO WINDSOR • Ideal for barbecuing outdoors • Water resistant & vented for better stability and air ow• L241xW151xH245 cm449.999or 18000 funmiles100050110GAZEBO AVALON • Elegant canopy double roof made from 180g polyester fabric to resist the elements and provide shelter from wind, sun and rain• Sturdy & durable square metal posts made from 60mm thick powder-coated steel• Includes convenient mesh fabric screens for privacy yet with a comfortable airow throughout the gazebo • L3xW3xH3 m749.99or 30000 funmiles1000625145 PIECE WOODEN DINNING SET • 4 piece folding chair collapse into table for compact storage• Contains galvanized steel• Durable Indonesia mahogany wood frame999.99or 40000 funmiles10006251525,00 p.m./36 months33,00 p.m./36 monthsGARDEN CHAIR DOLOMITI BLUE • H86xW75xD86 cm 54.99 46.74or 1870 funmiles100061659ADIRONDACK HEAVY DUTY • Substantial seating area & wide armrests for maximum comfort• Easy care weather-resistant resin that is fade-resistant• Maximum capacity 158kg• Built-in lumbar support provides optimum seating• Stackable99.99or 4000 funmiles1000625167outdoor living15%15%DISCOUNT

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CAMOUFLAGE SUNSHADE SQUARE • 3x3 m• Available in white, sand or grey 59.99or 2400 funmiles100056704SUNSHADE SQUARE • 3x3 m• Available in cream, sand, o white, grey or dark grey 54.99or 2200 funmiles100015469SUNSHADE TRIANGLE • 3.6x3.6x3.6 m• Available in cream, sand, o white, grey or dark grey 49.99or 2000 funmiles100056700SUNSHADE TRIANGLE • UV protection• Water-permeable with less chance of mold• 3x3 m• Available in cream, sand, o white and dark grey 39.99or 1600 funmiles100056695FIXATION KIT FOR SUNSHADE • 3 Piece set• Use in combination with sunshades 9.99or 400 funmiles100018350Family & Fun[This is a stockpicture, not all items are available at our store]8Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct itoutdoor living

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KINGSFORD ORIGINAL CHARCOAL 8LB 19.99or 800 funmiles100021615CHARCOAL LUMP BAYOU 18LB 34.99or 1400 funmiles100024447KINGSFORD MATCH LIGHT CHARCOAL 8 LB 21.99or 880 funmiles100053090ROYAL OAK FRONTIER LUMP CHARCOAL 10LB 16.99or 680 funmiles100061936ROYAL OAK CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES 15.4LB 24.99or 1000 funmiles100061937TABLE • Ideal for ivy chair royal• W90xL160xH70 cm BBQ AM GOURMET OFFSET SMOKER 46" 399.99 319.99or 12800 funmiles100061926 349.99or 14000 funmiles100055277IVY STACKING CHAIR ROYAL • Available in white, black & grey• W60 x D53 x H85 cm 69.99or 2800 funmiles10006192320%20%DISCOUNT9outdoor living

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GreenThursday20%OFFOn everything that ts in the 5 gallon bucket * * Discount may not be combined with other oers. Products must remain in the original packaging, and may not be folded or altered to t in the bucket. Excluded are all drive thru items , gift vouchers and special orders . November 25th10

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COOKTOP ELECTRIC 2 PIT 30CM • Electric cooktop• 220V• Stainless Steel 299.99or 12000 funmiles100053809RANGE SMEG GAS/ELECTRIC • Built-in gas oven • RVS• 220 V• 90 cm COOKTOP GAS AI PGA211 • Built in with electric spark ignition• RVS with cast iron grids• 220V• 4 Pit• 60 cmRANGE HOOD• Stainless Steel • 4 Speed - Max. 65 dB(A)• 2 LED Lights• 60 cm• 220V 599.99or 24000 funmiles100044259449.99or 18000 funmiles100053811KITCHEN FAUCET LUG• Stainless steel• Hot/cold water• Magnetic exible hose399.99or 16000 funmiles100061862KITCHEN FAUCET IFIX• Basic kitchen faucet• Hot/cold water69.99or 2800 funmiles100061897KITCHEN FAUCET VISION• Kitchen faucet brass• Hot/cold water279.99or 11200 funmiles10006186120,00 p.m./36 monthsCOLDHOTCOLDHOTCOLDHOT2999.99or 120.000 funmiles10004532999,00 p.m./36 monthsThe perfect combination of cooking and appearanceGreenThursday20%OFFOn everything that ts in the 5 gallon bucket * * Discount may not be combined with other oers. Products must remain in the original packaging, and may not be folded or altered to t in the bucket. Excluded are all drive thru items , gift vouchers and special orders . November 25th11kitchen

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WALL TILE CETIM CREMA• 30x60 cm• Type oor and wall• Color cream• Material porcelain rectied• Finish matteFLOOR TILE LISBOA CENIZA • 30x60 cm• Type oor and wall• Color grey stone• Material ceramic• Finish matte antislip 39.99or 1600 funmiles100036207WALL TILE SILVANA BEIGE • 25x35 cm• Type wall• Color cream marble• Material ceramic• Finish glossyWALL TILE SANTA JUANA • 30x60cm• Type wall• Color natural stone mix• Material ceramic• Finish matte structured34.99or 1400 funmiles10006001627.9924.99or 1000 funmiles10001712539.9933.99or 1360 funmiles10000246115%15%DISCOUNT12Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct ittiles

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TILE ZEN CORTEN • 60x60 cm• Type oor and wall• Color blue/ grey ornamental• Material porcelain• Finish matte structuredTILE NORD KAFFE • 60X60CM• Type oor and wall• Color brown/grey cement look• Material porcelain rectied• Finish matteTILE HIDRAULICO DALI • 51X51CM• Type oor and wall• Color blue/ grey ornamental• Material ceramic• Finish satinTILE PETRA TORTORA • 60x60cm• Type oor and wall • Color sandy stone• Material ceramic• Finish structured antislip• Matte 29.99or 1200 funmiles100059048 23.99or 1960 funmiles100002446 59.99 49.99or 2000 funmiles100002471over 15%15%DISCOUNT64.9945.50or 1820 funmiles10004557030%30%DISCOUNT13tiles

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VANITY SET VISION • 80 cm• Two soft-close drawer• Ceramic top 1319.98or 52800 funmiles100061859/10006186044,00 p.m./36 monthsBathroomIdeasWake up and start the day energetically in a bathroom full of color or simply fall for the charm of nature? Are you more likely to be black-and-white, or do you prefer the security of deep colors and luxurious materials? Come and have a look at Kooyman.SHOWER PANEL FRAMELESS• 80x200cm• Also available in 100cm399.99299.99or 12000 funmiles100014583Would you go for 80cm or 120cm shower panel? We got both for you!SHOWER PANEL MILLE • 120cm x 200cm height• 8mm tempered glass• protective CleanPro coating, preventing the buildup of limescale and soil on the glass pane surface829.99or 33200 funmiles10006191028,00 p.m./36 monthsBath & Beautiful14Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct itbath

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WC PACK WALLHUNG KASTELO BLACK• Complete wallhung set • Rimless bowl• Soft-close seat999.99or 40000 funmiles100061675BATH MIRROR SITIO BLACK PLANCHET • 60x60cm 159.99or 6400 funmiles100061868SHOWER DOOR & WALL PRIVA• 86-90cm x 190cm• 6mm tempered glass 1129.99or 45199 funmiles100057163/10005716438,00 p.m./36 months33,00 p.m./36 monthsBath & BeautifulVANITY SET MODUO• 80 cm• Material: MDF• faucet not included599.99or 24000 funmiles10001504220,00 p.m./36 months15bath

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VANITY SET LIVO• Complete set in a box!• Mirror + Top + Cabinet • 60cm• Also available in brown 699.99 100062002629.99or 25200 funmiles100057158SHOWERSET SENTI • 5 functions• Diameter is 12cm• Hose is 200cm made of reinforced PVC with metal ends• Eco function to save water and energy 119.99or 4800 funmiles100014881TOILET TANK GEBERIT RENOVA 3/6L WHITE• High quality ceramic• Can be combined with several dierent toilet seats (sold seperately)20,00 p.m./36 monthsRAINSHOWER SET CABERNET SQUARE• Shower head 30x30 cm• Shower rod adjustable between 106 and 140cm• Shower hose 1.5m• Includes thermostatic shower faucet599.99or 24000 funmiles10006200821,00 p.m./36 months 416.99 349.99or 14000 funmiles100008179/100056676GOODSHOWERSET YUKON • Showerhead round 20cm• Shower rod adjustable • Shower hose 1.5m199.99or 8000 funmiles100015017BETTER BESTSAVE WATERTANK FLUSHES WITH 3 OR 6 Lplumber’schoice16Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct itbath

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VANITY SET VIRGO • Width: 80cm • Depth 43cm• Ceramic top 100% glazed• Two soft close drawers899.99or 36000 funmiles100061913/100061914TALL UNIT VIRGO • Has an inside mirror• 4 practical shelves of tempered glass on the inside• 160x40x32 cm• White• Soft close door669.99or 26800 funmiles100061916MIRROR CABINET VIRGO • 60cm width• Inside cabinets 3 shelves made of tempered glass• Door is soft close • white 399.99or 16000 funmiles100061915Bathroom furniture from the VIRGO concept collection is a combination of functionality, elegance and modernity. The cabinets in this series feature matt black metal handles that will blend perfectly with the rest of your bathroom furnitures.23,00 p.m./36 months649.99or 26000 funmiles10006186522,00 p.m./36 monthsSHOWER PANEL MILLE • 120cm x 200cm height• 8mm tempered glass• Protective CleanPro coating, preventing the buildup of limescale and soil on the glass pane surface829.99or 33200 funmiles10006191128,00 p.m./36 monthsSHOWER PANEL LAGO • 87-90x195cm• glass 8mm• Black strip80 cm30,00 p.m./36 months17bath

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SMART LED HANGING LAMP • Multivoltage 100-240V• Warm Light• H 1.5M from ceiling to end • Available in black or white• 3W159.99or 6400 funmiles 100062251/100062252SMART LED BULB • dimmable via the app• 5W equivalent to 40w• GU10• 100 -127V• change from cool to warm light39.99or 1600 funmiles 100062256SMART LED BULB • dimmable via the app• 7W equivalent to 60w• E27• 100 -127V• change from cool to warm light39.99or 1600 funmiles 100062257SMART LED BULB KIT • 10W dimable from white to warm light• automate lighting hours • 3 pack kit109.99or 4400 funmiles 100062264Wherever you want, from wherever you areTecnolite Connect has a range of products to give you the best smart home experience. Take control and let your devices do whatever you want and more. 18Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct itlighting

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SMART LED RECESS LIGHT • Multivoltage 100-240V• Warm Light • White or black available• 3W119.99or 4800 funmiles 100062250/100062249SMART LED RECESS LIGHT • Multivoltage 100-240V• 800 Lumens equivalent to 40W• change from cool to warm light• D14.5cm 99.99or 4000 funmiles 100062255SMART LED WALL LIGHT • 5W• Multivoltage 100-240V• Warm Light• Square is 12x12 cm, dia: 10.7cm 189.99or 7600 funmiles 100062248SMART LED SPOT • 100-240V • 7w• change light from cool to warm light149.99or 6000 funmiles 100062261/100062260It doesn't matter where you are Connect and control via your smartphone and make the ordinary extraordinarySmart lightingat Kooyman CONTROL APP Control the system from a free, user-friendly app that can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet in your language of choice (available on Apple Store and Play Store).WIRELESS WIFI TECHNOLOGY• No cables or special installation required.• Install it in 30 seconds.VOICE CONTROL Once the system is congured, you can control what is going on in your home or business, just ask. Activate, set, turn on, turn o or dim with a simple voice command via Alexa or Google Home. WOW YOUR LIFE!19lighting

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20Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct itpaintBENJAMIN MOORE ADVANCE WATERBORNE ALKYD PAINT • Premium water-based alkyd paint for wood and walls• Delivers durable, smooth nish that stands up to repeated washing• Low voc’s and no odor than typical alkyds• Ensures minimal brush marks 69.99 59.49or 2380 funmiles100013644 79.99 67.99or 2720 funmiles100043627BENJAMIN MOORE ULTRASPEC 500 INTERIOR WALL PAINT • Zero VOC/Low odor• Advanced cross-linking technology for extra durability and washability• Eggshell or at BENJAMIN MOORE4 447/448 ULTRA SPEC EXTERIOR WALL PAINT • A low VOC, professional-quality exterior coating• Superior coverage, ease of application• Enhanced adhesion to a wide variety of surfacers• Flat & satin 84.99 72.24or 2890 funmiles100013641Steam AF-15October Mist 1495Pale MoonOC-108High Park467Collector’s ItemAF-4515%15%DISCOUNT

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paint avantia damberg 15 is a conceptual artist from Cura ao who focusses on art in public spaces She was asked by the shop owners to paint angel wings in Angel Job Alley The goal was to bring more traffic to the shops in this alley where people used to feel uncomfortable an unsafe to use After having the angel wings mural the artist called them Pundawings Nowadays people are taking pictures in front of this mural all the time and the alley turned into a pleasant safe and much used alley DISCOUNT KOOYMAN WALL CEILING PAINT Classic white interior paint in a flat finish Minimizes surface imperfections Great coverage low spatter and quick dry 35 99 29 99 or 1200 funmiles 100038474 KOOYMAN COLORTEX INTERIOR FLAT Mixable in all colors Excellent leveling power Low spatter and quick drying Low odor 59 99 mixed COLORS 49 99 or 2000 funmiles 100028865 KOORYMAN COLORTEX EXTERIOR Weather resistant Mixable in all colors Excellent covering power Excellent fade resistant and durable Flat satin 67 99 mixed COLORS 57 79 or 2312 funmiles 100028815 21

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44.99or 1800 funmiles100029704RUSTOLEUM CHALKED PAINT Chalked ultra matte paint is an easy to use paint that dries to a velvety smooth matte nish. It brings new life to tired and worn pieces in timeless colors. Chalked paint can be distressed to achieve a vintage look that will last.BENJAMIN MOORE 620 LATEX METALLIC GLAZE • Water-based glaze designed to produce a beautiful metallic special eects• For interior, use on previously painted surfaces• Silver, gold, bronze, copper129.99109.99or 5200 Fun Miles10003308859.99or 2400 Fun Miles100022056BENJAMIN MOORE 311 LATEX GLITTER EFFECT • Transparant sparkling topcoat for previously painted interior wallsRUSTOLEUM GLITTER SPRAY PAINT • Sparkling nish • Interior• Wood, metal, glass, paper, plastic• Gold, silver, red and clearRUSTO METALLIC SPRAY 11OZ • Provides a bright, polished metallic nish• Silver, gold and copper• Interior• Dries in 15 minutes• Ideal for furniture, decor and crafts19.99or 800 funmiles100036702 26.99 21.59or 864 funmiles10003376620%20%DISCOUNT22Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct itpaint

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STEPLADDER 2 STEP • 225lb/102kg working load• Easy-folding• Non-slip surface• Sturdy stainless steel frameWERNER ALUMINUM STEPLADDER 6FT• Aluminium 6ft/1.83m• Weight capacity 225 lb• 5 steps, incl. tool tray• Slip-resistant stepsWERNER ALUMINUM STEPLADDER 2FT• Weight capacity: 300 lb• Molded top provides large standing platform• Slip-resistant traction-tred steps• Bottom step has durable aluminum braces 139.99 109.99or 4400 funmiles100029630 79.99 63.99or 2560 funmiles100010342 169.99 139.99or 5600 funmiles100037707WAGNER WOOD & METAL SPRAYER W100• 220V • Ideal for windows, fences, furniture and any small to medium sized projects• Achieve a fast, perfect nish in any position and in any working directionon all Wagner paint sprayers20%20%DISCOUNT15%15%DISCOUNT20%20%DISCOUNT20%20%DISCOUNT 239.99 203.99or 8160 funmiles10004511423paint

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easy financingGet it today with K-Pay!Amount Borrowing APR* Installments Duration Total amount rate payable1000 10% 12% 33.00 36 1182 .002500 10% 12% 81.00 36 2955.005000 10% 12% 162.00 36 5909.0024K-Pay easy financing: clear, flexible and friendlyNew airco? New kitchen? A project that you have been putting o? K-Pay lets you nance the exact amount you need, with attractive benets:• The nancial space to realize your project now• No down payments• Friendly low interest rates• Flexible amounts (starting at NAF 500) • Flexible repayment periods (12 to 36 months)• Clear pre-determined conditions; no surprises!What documents do you need? Do take notice of the following opening hours of the Customer Finance Desk: Monday till Friday from 8am till 6pm and Saturdays and Sundays closed.• Valid ID (ID card, driver’s license or passport)• 2 last pay slips• 2 last bank statements (same period as pay slips)• Last utility bill• A recent job letter (not older then 2 weeks)• Fun Miles card (Don’t have one? We’ll x that for you on the spot.) * Annual Percentage RateWhy wait? Apply now!It’s easy. Just drop by the Customer Finance Desk for a tailor-made oer. The duration can vary from 12 till 36 months, depending on your preference. K-Pay is exclusively available to private individuals.

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RED LAVA ROCK PEA PEBBLESPLAYSAND 117550• Color: Sand• Size: 0.5 cubic ft• Weight: 48 lb 14.99or 600 funmiles100008524PAVER BASE1175 45• Color: Grey• Size: 0.5 cubic ft• Rock type: Paver base 12.99or 520 funmiles100002037PAVER SAND 117540• Color: Sand• Size: 0.5 cubic ft• Rock type: Paver base12.99or 520 funmiles100008523RIVER PEBBLES  117515 • Hardscapes graded product for erosion control• Packed in 0.5 CUFT heavy duty UV resistant bags• For resisting decay & decorative purposes 17.99or 720 funmiles100008522 17.99or 720 funmiles100004995EDGING LAWN PLASTIC • Green• 6 inch x 240 ft 16.99or 680 funmiles100019851 17.99or 720 funmiles10000203525lawn & garden

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Spare parts are availableWE INSTALLplease ask the service desk for more information10%DISCOUNTon all basic installation for the Alaska and ArcticSpare parts are availableBTU Calculation: Length x Depth x 750[Example: room = 3x5mtr = 15mtr x 750 = 11,250 => 12,000 BTU] If your calculation is spot on, take the next BTU level. [Example: room = 3x4mtr = 12x750 = 9000 = 12,000BTU]10%10%DISCOUNT 949.99 854.99or 34200 Fun Miles100035617 1199.99 1079.99or 43200 Fun Miles100035618 1399.99 1259.99or 50400 Fun Miles100042376 1799.99 1699.99or 64800 Fun Miles100041969BTU Calculation: LengthxDepthx750 [Example: room = 3x5mtr = 15mtr x 750 = 11,250 => 12,000 BTU] If your calculation is spot on, take the next BTU level. [Example: room = 3x4mtr = 12x750 = 9000 = 12,000BTU]one year warranty on installation warranty on airco unit warranty on compressorTwo years five years• Indoor unit powered by the outdoor unit• Mute operation, turn on/o beep display and light• The cool air is blown towards the ceiling to provide shower-style cooling experience• Program the automatically on/o temperature, it helps to save energy and provides more comfortable temperature for the users• Refrigerant leakage detection• Auto restart function• The temperature sensor built-in the indoor unit can sense the surrounding temperature• The air conditioner automatically adjust the mode and the temperature• 220-240V, 50Hz one year warrantyon installationon airco unit warranty on compressorone year warrantyARCTIC INVERTER AIR CONDITIONER29,00 p.m./36 months 36,00 p.m./36 months 42,00 p.m./36 months 56,00 p.m./36 months28,00 p.m./36 months 43,00 p.m./36 months32,00 p.m./36 months 56,00 p.m./36 months849.99or 34000 Fun Miles 100014879949.99or 37800 Fun Miles 1000158171299.99or 52000 Fun Miles 1000150391699.99or 68000 Fun Miles 10004730612000BTU 18000BTU 24000BTU9000BTU• Indoor unit powered by the outdoor unit• Silent fan, low noise air duct design and option to mute beeps• With highly ecient inverter technology • Heat exchangers are coated with anticorrosive goldencoating to withstand salty air, rain and other corrosive elements• Generates a strong 3D air ow • Refrigerant leakage detection• Auto restart function• Super quiet 25db• Including brackets• 220-240V, 50Hz• Wi module optional to operate with smartphone or tabletALASKA INVERTER AIR CONDITIONERMADE BY MIDEAUNIVERSAL REMOTE26.991080 Funmiles1000270639000BTU 12000BTU 18000BTU 24000BTU26air conditioners

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On all tankless and storage wate r heatersstarting at 169.99 6800 Fun Miles(including discount)Kooyman has a lot of possibilities to heat your water in the shower and kitchen. Come to our store to let you inform and choose the right one to make your life way more comfortable.TANKLESS WATER HEATERS Positive:• Only uses electricity when the water tap is used• Easy to install (always let a certied electrician check or install)• Adjustable water temperature• Doesn't take much space• Over time it saves you money, thanks to its energy eciency Negative:• It takes a couple of seconds, before you get warm water• Point of use, meaning one water heater per shower or sink* STORAGE WATER HEATERS Positive:• Immediate warm water• Can be mounted on the wall or standing• Factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve• Powerful 2000 Watt copper heating element Negative:• Not energy ecient (uses constant power)• Not easy to install (always let a certied plumber and electrician check or install)• Takes a lot of space (depending on the size of the tank)• Limited amount of hot waterHot WaterATMOR WATER HEATERBATHROOMType 202110V / 230V50 ~ 60Hz3.0 kW/ 5.0 kWWaterflow 1.2 ltr per minute• Delivers hot water immediately, no preheating required• Automatically activated only when water faucet is turned on• 2 control buttons to achieve 4 temperature settingsECOSMART WATER HEATERBATHROOMType POU 3.5 / POU 6120V / 220V50 ~ 60HZ3.0 kW / 5.0 kWWaterflow 1.8 ltr per minute• On-demand, consistent and endless hot water • Digital display that shows the output temperature• Copper and stainless steel compo-nents designed for eciency, durability and easy replacement • Durable, compact and easy to install STORAGE HEATERWHOLE HOUSEType 6EP21120V50 ~ 60HZ1.4 kW* [various per model]Waterflow 1.9 ltr per minute• Over-temperature protector cuts o power in excess temperature situations• High eciency single 2000 watt resistored heating element• Automatic thermostat keeps water at desired temperature• Temperature and pressure relief valveSTORAGE HEATERWHOLE HOUSETYPE GO230V50HZ1.5 kW* [various per model]Waterflow 1.9 ltr per minute• Adjustable water temperature• Automatic thermostat keeps water at desired temperature• High ecient resistored heating element for quick heating up the water 199.99 169.99or 6800 Fun Miles100039749 / 100053917 764.99 650.24or 26010 Fun Miles100018496 344.99 297.49or 11900 Fun Miles100010931 449.99 382.49or 15300 Fun Miles100053786 / 100030663* Depending on the modelTankless & Storage Water Heaters15%15%DISCOUNT27wate r heate r s

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849.99 699.99or 28000 funmiles100057289M12 FUEL 2TOOL KIT ½" HAMMER DRIVER AND ¼" HEX IMPACT DRIVER20VOLT MAX CORDLESS BRUSHLESS COMPACT ½ INCH DRILL DRIVER KIT 579.99 499.99or 20000 funmiles100054732M18 FUEL 2TOOL COMBO KIT WITH PACKOUT 1099.99 799.99or 32000 funmiles10002020624.00 p.m./36 months27.00 p.m./36 months28Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct ittools

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7¼ INCH CIRCULAR SAW 167.19 139.99or 5600 funmiles100027814 259.99 219.99or 8800 funmiles10005393418 VOLT COMBO KIT DRILL DRIVER HARD CASE 42 PIECE12V HAMMER DRILL + IMPACT DRIVER COMBO KIT145 PIECE CHROME MECHANICS TOOLSET12 VOLT CXT HAMMER DRILL KIT • A powerful yet compact 12 Volt hammer drill driver with advanced CXT technology• includes battery and charger 249.99 179.99or 7200 funmiles100027815 429.99 349.99or 14000 funmiles100061263 209.99 149.99or 6000 funmiles10005479229tools

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ALUMINUM DOOR WITH SINGLE HUNG WINDOW • Heavy duty aluminum door • Size 36x80 inch 1399.99or 56000 Fun Miles100023988HEAVY DUTY FULL GLASS SINGLE AUMINUM DOOR• 37½ x 79¾ inch• White 1379.99or 55200 Fun Miles100050492FULL GLASS DOOR WITH ALUMINUM SHUTTERS • Heavy duty aluminum door • Aluminum louvres• Size 100x220 cm 1149.99or 46000 Fun Miles100050446AWNING WINDOW GREY 6MM TEMPERED GLASS• 180x65 cm• Louvre window• Several sizes available 699.99or 28000 Fun Miles100051344ALUMINUM OUTWARDSWINGING CASEMENT DOUBLE DOOR WITH JALOUSIE WINDOW • 1823x2032 mm 2699.99or 80000 Fun Miles10002203946.00 p.m./36 months89.00 p.m./36 months47.00 p.m./36 months38.00 p.m./36 months30aluminium doors & windows

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SINGLE HUNG ALUMINUM WINDOW • French• Frame white• Several sizes available, starting at 181/8x25 inch 269.99or 10800 Fun Miles100019598ALUMINUM CASEMENT WINDOW • Full glass casement window with aluminum shutters• Frame white• Several sizes available, starting at 180x95 cm 999.99or 40000 Fun Miles100023882ALUMINUM HORIZONTAL ROLLER WINDOW • French• Frame white• Several sizes available, starting at 25½x25 inch 349.99or 14000 Fun Miles100050524ALUMINUM DOOR SOLID WITH SHUTTERS• Aluminum heavy duty double door• Size 180x220 cmALUMINUM OUTWARDSWINGING CASEMENT DOOR • With glass panel and jalousie window• Size 1800x2200 mm 2499.991999.99or 80000 Fun Miles100051436 1799.49or 72000 Fun Miles10005044820%20%DISCOUNT33.00 p.m./36 months66.00 p.m./36 months60.00 p.m./36 months31aluminium doors & windows

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ALL LOCKSETS ts interior doors up to 1 ½” to 1 ¾” (38-45mm). The material is stainless steel with no visible attachment points, because the rosette is clicked on top of a base plate. 35.99 30.59or 1224 funmiles100059819AXA SECURITY BARRIER V2 SKG2 • Use for skylights, hopper windows and top-hung windows• Length 950 mm• Material steel• Finish white lacquered 119.99 101.99or 4080 funmiles100059831BRITON MORTISE LOCKSET 4211 • Privacy 35.99 30.59or 1224 funmiles100059820BRITON MORTISE LOCKSET 4203 39.99 33.99or 1360 funmiles100059816BRITON MORTISE LOCKSET 4204 39.99 33.99or 1360 funmiles100059817BRITON MORTISE LOCKSET 4205 39.99 33.99or 1360 funmiles100059818AXA SAFETY STRIPS OUTWARD OPENING • Increases the burglary-resistance of doors• Length 215 cm with outward opening 0-4, 5-9, 15-19 or 20-25 mm• Length 235 cm with outward opening 0-4 or 5-9 mmStarting at: 169.99 144.49or 5780 funmiles100059779NEW AT KOOYMANAXA DIGITAL DOORVIEWER • With clear 3.2 inch LCD screen• Resolution 320x240 pixels• Wide range of sight• Simple to operate 249.99 212.49or 8500 funmiles100059778BRITON MORTISE LOCKSET 4210 • PrivacyNEW AT KOOYMANNEW AT KOOYMANNEW AT KOOYMAN15%15%DISCOUNTOn these AXA & Briton safety products32Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors and reserves the right to correct itbuilders hardware

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TOLEDO HANDLESET LUGO • Backset size: 2⁄ and 2¾ inch (60 or 70 mm)• Door thickness: 1⁄ to 1¾ inch (35 to 45 mm)• Material iron• Finish black• Single or double cylinder 269.99 single cylinder:229.49or 9180 funmiles100058241TOLEDO LEVER JAEN • Fits doors up to 1⁄” to 1¾” (35-45mm)• Material: Iron Black• Entry or privacyTOLEDO KNOB SANTIAGO • Fits doors up to 1⁄” to 1¾” (35-45mm)• Material: Iron Black• Entry or privacy 59.99 Entry:50.99or 2040 funmiles100059078TOLEDO LEVER LUGO • Fits doors up to 1⁄” to 1¾” (35-45mm)• Material: Iron Black• Entry or privacy 109.99 Entry:93.49or 3740 funmiles100058239TOLEDO LEVER BILBAO • Fits doors up to 1⁄” to 1¾” (35-45mm)• Satin Nickel• Entry or privacy TOLEDO ELECTRONIC LEVER JAEN • Stainless steel• Left and right functions• Triple access: infrared remote control, numeric code or key• Includes two remote controls 339.99 288.99or 11560 funmiles100059921On these toledo knobs and levers sets 64.99 Entry:55.24or 2210 funmiles100059079why choose for toledo?All Toledo locks or padlocks can be made keyed alike or with Master Key System Lifetime warranty on manufacture and nish for Stainless Steel locksets 5 year guarantee on the nish for all other nishes The complete Toledo range can be ordered by Special Order Stainless Steel grade 304 alloy: heat and corrosion resistant All cylinders and pins are in Brass, to prevent corrosion.Anti-Bump 69.99 Entry:59.49or 2380 funmiles10005803515%15%DISCOUNT33builders hardware

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99.99starting atAS OF NOVEMBER 24 AVAIL AB LE AT OUR MEGASTORESTHE NUMBER 1 QUALITY FROM CANADA 1.50 METERAll i want for christmas...... is Kooyman's fresh christmas trees34AKA brand-new Honda HR-Vfrom AutoCityA diamond tennis bracelet from Freeport JewelersLet’s have someSB441Collect & connect the letters to win!Visit for info, partners, rules and prizes!This campaign is valid till 01•27•2022.funmiles.netBonus game! Guess the Word of the Week online for weekly prizes!

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35OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEKTel. 461 3333www.kooymanbv.comorder 24/7 ONLINE ORDER 24/7 ONLINE At Kooyman we oer you the ability to shop with us 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. Check out our catalog with over 24.000 products for specs, prices and stock levels. Order online and choose to pick up your products in our Drive Thru or for delivery.LOAD & GO Having problem trans-porting all your purchases? Our Load & Go trailer is at your disposal to get all your purchases home. The rst 2 hours are free of charge. Just ask our service desk personnel for more information.30 DAYS RETURN Oops, bought the wrong tile or drill? No problem, at Kooyman you can always return purchased items within 30 days and get cash back! Ask for the conditions at our Service DeskGIFT CARD Looking for a great gift for family & friends? Surprise them with a Kooyman gift card in the amount of your choice.REDEEM FUN MILES You don’t always need money to buy your products at Kooyman. Redeem your Fun Miles to purchase products in our store. Pay the full amount or a part of your purchase with Fun Miles. 2X FUN MILES AND MEGA MILES At least 2x Fun Miles on all your Kooyman purchases! The multiplier starts at 2 times and can go up to even 5 times the original quantity of Fun Miles! Fun Miles; fun within your reach.KEY CENTER Need a spare key? Don’t wait till you’re locked out. Visit our key center to make a duplicate of your most important keys. Fast and easy while you’re waiting!DELIVERY SERVICE Bought too much or is it too big to t in your car? No problem, we can deliver the materials and products for you. Just ask our drive thru or service desk personnel. DEMOS & WORKSHOPS Check our website, circular and facebook for our demo & workshop schedule. we always have handy themes so you can tackle your next DIY project with condence.HOWTOMANUAL Want to tackle a DIY project? Check out our HOW-TO-MANUALS. We oer step-by-step guides with valuable tips, checklists and must-haves.KITCHEN DESIGN Standard or a gourmet kitchen? Design your custom kitchen with the help of one of our kitchen experts. Create your own dream kitchen.CUSTOM SCREEN SERVICE Need a screen that is custom made for your windows or doors? We are happy to make these for you. Just ask our service desk personnel.KIDS CORNER Our kids corner will keep your kids entertained while you enjoy shopping in Kooyman Megastore where you’ll nd all your hardware needs and more.PAINT MIXING What color can we mix for you today? Every imaginable color is possible. We can mix over 20.000 dierent colors in the nish and the brand you choose.CUTTING SERVICE Board, lumber or steel doesn’t t in your car? No problem we can cut them to t & transport ready. Just ask our drive thru personnel.KOOYMAN CAFÉ Need a break from shopping? Visit our Kooyman Café for refreshments. Don’t miss our weekly specials and signature snacks listed on and our facebook page.COLOR SCANNING Match that fabulous color of your curtains. Bring a color sample of any color or material and let our experts scan it and nd the matching paint color for you.FREE ESTIMATES Good budgeting is the rst step in every project. Request your material estimate completely free of charge and start o your project on the right foot. Just ask our service desk personnel.PAYMENT SERVICES Use your preferred payment method. Cash, credit- or debit cards are all accepted. Payment made easy. ONE YEAR WARRANTY Every power tool you buy at Kooyman comes with a full one year warranty. In the event that something is wrong with the power tool, we will repair it for free or replace it with a new one!REPAIR & MAINTENANCE Need repair or maintenance on your (power) tools? No worries. Bring your powertool or garden machine to one of our technicians available at our inhouse Repair & Maintenance Desk.TrailerserviceKEYCutting OPENING HOURS STA. ROSAMonday - Saturday .................................................08.00 am - 06.00 pm NON STOPSunday.....................................................................................09.00 am - 01.00 pm NON STOPOPENING HOURS MEGASTORE ZEELANDIA & JAN NOORDUYNWEGMonday - Saturday .................................................07.00 am - 07.00 pm NON STOPSunday.....................................................................................09.00 am - 02.00 pm NON STOPNot a Fun Miles member yet?The Fun Miles welcome pack is available at our Kooyman cashiers. It contains one Fun Miles card for only f 5,-.Registering your card is fast and easy. Visit now! The more you buy, the more Fun Miles you get!Always 2x Fun Miles! Mega Miles rewarded each quarter!funmiles.net5x Fun Milesf 25,000 and up4x Fun Milesf 10,000 – 25,0003x Fun Milesf 2,000 – 10,0002x Fun Milesup to f 2,000• This circular is only valid at Kooyman Curaçao• All prices are in Antillian Guilders• Prices mentioned in circular are only valid on cash purchases & including OB• Prices expire December 5th, 2021 or while supplies last• Kooyman is not liable for any typing and/or printing errors• Contact our info desk for shipping and delivery information• Items marked with an* are not available in every storeservices at kooyman

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Save time and order online: www.kooymanbv.comFollow us on Facebook and Instagram, there is always something to doNo time to shop? You need ideas?For delivery or pick up at storeOrder online36• Shop Na. 75,- or more before December 31st• Save your receipt• Register the number at have a chance to win one of the 10 amazing prizes inSpired by love!Let love Light up the Holidays!Conditions apply. Visit for full details. Registration closes January 5th, 2022. Prize drawing takes place on January 7th, 2022.