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Hurricane Brochure Barbados

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VALID FROM JUNE 24TH UNTIL NOVEMBER 30ST 2021 Repair your leaking roof secure the exterior of your house to prevent damage of flying obstacles because Safety First HURRICANE S PECIAL www kooyman bb

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ROOF REPAIR KOOYMAN ROOF FILL COMPOUND Paintable roof sealer and repair coat Stops leaks on metal eternit fiber cement and concrete roofs Dries to a flexible firm and weather resistant seal HENRY ELASTOTAPE 296 82 99 100038135 HENRY ELASTOMERIC ROOFING SEALANT 289 HENRY ELASTOMERIC ROOF COATING 587 Use as a reinforcement with Henry 289 white roofing sealant and other asphaltic mastics and coatings Excellent repair reinforcement fabric for roofing and waterproofing applications 4 inchesx150 ft Specially formulated for repairing and preventing roof leaks prior to coating with an acrylic reflective coating Won t crack craze or lose adhesion over time Premium high solids reflective roof coating Protects the roof resists ponding water Lowers roof and interior temperatures When cured it allows moisture vapor to vent or breathe out of underlying substrate Use on rolled roofing built up roofs and metal roofs 39 999 119 99 119 99 100034446 ROOF ASPHALT FIBER PREMIER 100035974 ROOF WET DRY CEMENT PREMIER 100003476 HENRY SOLARFLEX ROOF 287 Use on asphalt metal composition roofs Flexible tough Weather resistant film Use for emergency repairs during inclement weather conditions Wet dry plastic roof cement Bonds to wet surfaces Premium elastomeric water based acrylic latex coating Lowers roof interior temperature Protects roofs from leaks aging mildew Use on Rolled roofing built up roofs and metal roofs White 37 999 39 99 99 999 100038804 2 100027209 100026499 www kooyman bb

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paint roof repair MANTO STANDARD 4MM EDIL IKO TORCH FLEX HEAT WELDED BASE SHEET Size 1x10 meter 3 or 4 mm General waterproofing of ribbed slab roofs for any degree of inclination Base sheet Size 1x10 meter 199 99 Can be finished with aluminum paint Edilflex or clay asphalt shingles 3 MM 100049747 4 MM 89 99 99 99 100012523 100010671 Repair your roof before it gets leaking be prepared If this is present it is essential to get the roof repaired as soon as possible so that water does not seep into the home Other common causes of damage during a hurricane or storm include wind tree roots and tree limbs roots of plants fungi algae mold and termites GALVANIZED STORM PANELS FOR DOORS AND WINDOWS Storm panel in a box Including frame and fasteners Size 24x50 inch PERMACLAD GA26 6FT Corrigated GA 26 Starting at Starting at 100017321 100046534 249 99 45 99 RABOBAND FLASHING TAPE Strong self adhesive tape comprising of an aluminium foil and a bitumen rubber adhesive Watertight and weatherproof Various sizes available Starting at CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE LIQUID NAILS 10 5oz High quality waterproof adhesive that creates a strong durable bond that remains flexible 21 99 100042547 LEAKSTOPPER RUBBERFLEX 18OZ Use in wet or dry conditions Rubberized to prevent cracking Stops roof leaks immediately 26 99 100047493 HURRICANE SPECIAL 9 999 DAP GUTTER FLASHING RUBBER SEALANT Rubber formula provides a durable flexible watertight seal for gutters drain roof vents aluminum siding and other metal joints Stands up to weather and temperature extremes 11oz 100037608 15 99 100026903 FOAM BIG GAP GREATSTUFF 12OZ Can be use to create larger weather tight Fills gaps larger than 1 inch Airtight paintable stainable and sand able Forms a permanent weather tight seal 17 999 100050736 3

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secure the exterior of your house FORMING PLYWOOD C C O ES 12 mm 4 x8 PLYWOOD T1 11 Thickness 14 mm Size 4x8 feet Pattern 4 inch Oncenter OC deep groove Secure the outside of the house to prevent damage Outdoor objects surrounding your home can become deadly airborne missiles when swept up by a hurricane s strong winds potentially damaging you or your neighbors properties 259 99 229 99 16OZ CLAW HAMMER 14 99 100021807 100036575 BLACK DECKER DRILL DRIVER KIT Durable and powerful this 20 V MAX cordless drill features an 11 position clutch to help prevent stripped screws A compact lightweight design enables you to work in tight spaces with ease and an LED light illuminates work surfaces 629 99 899 99 599 99 799 99 100053741 100038714 GASOLINE POWERED 2 STROKE 44CC CHAINSAW 18 VOLT HAMMER DRILL COMBO KIT Compact and lightweight design 2 speed durable full metal gear design Includes 2x 18V Li Ion 1 5Ah batteries 1x rapid charger 18 inch Perfect to prune trees or cut firewood this chainsaw is a handy addition to the keen home gardener Anti vibration Automatic oiling Kooyman is not liable for any typing and or printing errors and reserves the right to correct it 4 www kooyman bb

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builders hardware tools BLUE POLY TARP 26 99 Type medium duty Available 6 x8 to 30 x40 22 94 Starting at 7 99 100052302 100028660 TOLEDO TO50 BRASS KEYED PADLOCK 50 MM Type Solid body padlock Size 50 mm Double bearing lock system Weather resistant Hardened steel shackle MULTIPURPOSE SASH CORD Working Load Limit 21 lb Rope Construction Solid Braided Material Cotton 50 ft x 0 7 32 inch Suitable for Blocks and Pulleys For handling quality cotton is hard to beat Soft pliable and easy on the hands Special lock stitch construction of the rope Solid braid rope does not unravel when cut or accidentally broken as much as other construction 20 99 TIEDOWN RATCHET 2x27 JJ HK FH64066 17 84 Breakstrength 10 000 lbs 4 545 kg Working load limit 3 333 lbs 1 512 kg Metal double J hooks Length 27 feet 8 23 meter x width 2 inch 5 08 cm Ideal for securing heavy loads Polyester webbing weather resistant UV protected design resists wear from the elements Ratcheting buckle offers a secure attachment 100049826 69 99 3 59 49 49 HURRICANE ANCHOR SGL 18GA RT3A 2 97 100045651 100011763 These anchors tie trusses and rafters to top plates and may be used to tie wood framing members to resist uplift and lateral forces Height 41 2 inch Tabs enable two and three way connections 85 99 73 09 NAIL COMMON BRIGHT 6 5LB For general construction including carpentry and framing Larger shank for more strength and resistance to bending Most popular style of nail Size 6 inch Bright steel Pack 5 lbs 22 99 100020989 CLEAR FILM POLY COVER 2 09 P FEET 1 78 W10 feet x L100 feet Thickness 4 mil Tough seamless plastic for tough jobs in construction and agriculture Full weight with thickness marked on each rigid core roll to meet building code specifications 100032001 6 49 100026421 WELLINGTON NYLON ROPE Extremely strong soft lightweight cord with excellent resistance to rot abrasion mildew petroleum products and most chemicals Solid braided construction stays round and works well in pulleys Excellent strength stretches under load Not spliceable Working load limit 270 lbs HURRICANE SPECIAL 19 54 PROSOURCE MEDIUM DUTY BUNGEE STRETCH CORD 36 INCH LENGTH Durably resistant to abrasion weather and corrosion Features a high grade rubber design for long lasting use Secures items in your home garage car or truck 5 52 100022234 5

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Hurricane tracking map 2021 Prepare yourself for the hur Hurricane kit checklist FLASHLIGHTS EXTRA BATTERIES BATTERY OPERATED CRANK RADIO LANTERNS EXTRA BATTERIES LANTERN OIL BATTERIES IN DIFFERENT SIZES MATCHES FIRST AID KIT DUCT TAPE RAIN GEAR BOOTS TARP FIRE EXTINGUISHER GARBAGE BAGS SCISSORS GLOVES MANUAL CAN OPENER WATER 3 DAY SUPPLY NONPERISHABLE FOOD 3 DAY SUPPLY WATER STORAGE E G TANKS BUCKETS MEDICATION 7 DAY SUPPLY EXTRA CASH Hurricane shelters Hurricane categories If your home becomes compromised during a hurricane you may Category 1 Winds of 74 95 mpg 119 153 km h need to visit a shelter Make sure you have an emergency kit for each Category 2 Winds of 96 110 mpg 154 177 km h family member and make note of the COVID 19 protocols for the Category 3 Winds of 111 129 mpg 178 208 km h shelter located nearest to you Category 4 Winds of 130 156 mpg 209 251 km h Visit www dem gov bb for a list of category 1 and category 2 shelter Category 5 Winds of 157 mpg 252 km h Tropical Depression A tropical cycline in which the maximum sustained surface wind speed is less than 39 mph Tropical Storm A Tropical cyclone in which the maximum sustained surface wind speed ranges from 39 mph to 73 mph The information provided by Kooyman bv on this Hurrican All information is given in good faith however we make no representation or warranty of any kind express or 6 www kooyman bb

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rricane rainy season Emergency numbers Police Department 211 430 7100 Fire Service 311 535 7824 Hurricane be ready for when it happens Emergency Ambulance Service 511 Queen Elizabeth Hospital 436 6450 Barbados Defence Force 536 2000 ne Tracker Page is for general informational purposes only implied regarding the accuracy adequacy validity reliability availability or completeness of any information HURRICANE SPECIAL 7

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clean your yard Ensure that you pick up tie down or secure anything that could become a projectile with high winds Think about trimming trees to reduce any falling limbs and cleaning up things around your home and yard like potted plants lawn furniture and children s toys so that they don t get picked up by wind MOP WITH HANDLE COTTON HEAD 16OZ Mop head material cotton synthetic yarn Headband size 16 oz Handle material metal Length 48 inch For janitorial work SQUEEGEE RUBBER FLOOR 18 INCH Double moss rubber conforms to uneven Starting at surfaces leaving floors dry Adjustable socket accepts most handles 100002657 19 99 29 99 100029693 TRASH BAG DRUM LINER 30 PIECE 55 GALLON One by one dispensing True tie flaps Husky premium trash bags out perform all major brands 44 99 100010657 PINE SOL DESINFECTANT ORIGINAL 24OZ Deodorizes and has a clean fresh scent Removes tough grease and dirt Kills 99 9 of germs 9 99 5 99 quality wire bound construction using strong wire to lock the yarn on the handle for heavy duty mopping 36 99 100028006 CLOROX GERMICIDAL BLEACH 121OZ Kills bacteria on your laundry Kills bacteria on household surfaces Fights mold and mildew as it disinfects 21 99 100021614 100054467 MOP WITH HANDLE COTTON HEAD 20OZ 100055165 KOOYMAN LOGO BUCKET 12L TOTE CLEAR BLUE 26GL TRASH BAG CONTRACTOR 10 PIECE 42 GALLON Width 32 inch Three layer technology gives superior tear properties resulting in higher strength 100041461 26 99 8 49 99 100054758 www kooyman bb

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Home hardware Starting at MACHETE 14 99 Blade length 18 inch or 22 inch Blade material high carbon steel Handle length 51 2 inch 100006723 DIY SQUARE NOSE WHEELBARROW European quality Galvanised 85 liter tub 189 99 100018743 BROOM PUSH INDOOR OUTDOOR 24 INCH Dual purpose split tip polypropylene fibers Stiff inner fibers sweep concrete asphalt and wood with ease Soft outer fibers sweep away fine dirt and dust VACUUM CLEANER WET DRY Powerful 4 peak HP vacuum motor with 10 gallon polypropylene tank Wet dry operation for use on most messes Extra large drain port allows for fast emptying Quick release detachable blower with up to 210 mph blowing speed 10ft power cord with cord wrap Includes 10 pieces accessory kit that s ideal for most shop vacuum and blower applications 379 99 322 99 100059539 15 DISCOUNT 99 99 84 99 100047532 COMMERCIAL YELLOW MOP BUCKET Capacity 35 qt Wringer type side press 15 DISCOUNT TRASH CONTAINER BLACK 32G Molded in handles rugged styling and includes bag cinch and lid attachment area Includes lid 229 99 195 49 100050688 15 DISCOUNT 74 99 100033759 18 STEEL TINE LEAF RAKE ROUND POINT SHOVEL SQUARE POINT SHOVEL 100041473 100018504 100023111 BOW RAKE 100005312 GARDEN TOOLS DIY quality tool with matte black finish 19 99 HURRICANE SPECIAL 9

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power up in case of STORMPROOF LANTERN 500LM AUTO SWITCH FAILURELIGHT Run time high 20 hours Powerful emergency flashlight with extended run time Rechargeable lithium ion battery included Automatically comes on when the power goes out Automatic dusk till dawn nightlight A two in one nightlight and flashlight 22 99 STORMPROOF HEADLIGHT 260LM Run time high 3 hours Bulb type LED Battery type 3x AAA included Perfect for working outside at night and when the power goes out Safety Signaling Red Safety Flasher Impact and weather resistant Detachable and adjustable elastic band 19 54 100040332 Run time high 20 hours Bulb type LED Battery type 4 or 8x AA not included Switch push button Weather resistant Red night vision and red SOS extended low Emergency USB power out 79 99 67 99 100016720 32 99 28 04 15 100016721 DISCOUNT 56 99 44 99 100042294 STORMPROOF SIGNAL LIGHT 120LM STORMPROOF CRANK RADIO POWERBANK Run time high 4 hours Waterproof 1 meter Batteries included Designed for emergency preparedness and power outages Crank or USB rechargeable Emergency siren Charges smart phones in an emergency One minute crank power equals 10 minutes of light or radio FM radio to keep you informed On all fire extinguishers FIRE EXTINGUISHER AUTO Capacity 1 4 lb Sodium bicarbonate Fights oil gasoline and electrical fires around all vehicles 24 100041611 100041245 DISCOUNT 38 24 38 48 44 15 44 99 STORMPROOF FLASHLIGHT LANTERN Run time high 6 hours Beam distance high 450 meter Water proof 1 meter Battery type 4x AA included 120 lumens on high and 90 hours of run time on low Settings include high low high plus red glow and red signal flasher Waterproof and impact resistant Integrated rubber grip Safety whistle built into the body of the light For boating and everyday use around the house It s also a great safety and emergency light Run time high 20 hours Battery type 3x AA included LED flashlight area lantern and emergency flasher all in one AR Tech technology produces 360 area lighting Water and impact resistant floats in water Flashing mode turns on automatically when placed in water FIRE EXTINGUISHER MULTI PURPOSE RECHARGEABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHER COMMERCIAL RECHARGEABLE Capacity 2 5 lb Monoammonium phosphate Effective against fires involving paper wood textiles and plastics as well as flammable liquid fires and live electrical fires 48 99 41 64 100051916 59 49 Capacity 5 lb Monoammonium phosphate Designed to fight paper wood fabric electrical and flammable liquid fires 50 57 100033170 141 99 120 69 100024007 Kooyman is not liable for any typing and or printing errors and reserves the right to correct it 10 www kooyman bb

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electrical lights tools Prepare appliances for power outages A lightning strike short circuit or a downed electrical pole can cause your home s power voltage to soar to hundreds or even thousands of volts While unplugging some appliances may be an option purchasing a generator may be a better choice The food in your refrigerator will likely spoil and ovens are often directly wired to the electrical supply so a consumer may not be able to unplug those devices LG DIEHARD ALU FLASHLIGHT STARTING AT 600LM Run time high 3 hours Bulb type LED Beam distance high 150 meter Battery type 3x AAA included 3 Power Modes Impact and water resistant Heavy duty true Grip design Starting at 49 99 42 49 100051738 Starting at FLOOD LIGHT SOLAR LED 60W Flood light solar LED Avaiable in 60W and 100W Cool white light 6500K 159 99 100056610 4799 99 100023699 13 HORSE POWER GASOLINE POWERED GENERATOR Perfect fit for emergencies homeowners job sites special events parties or weddings The Lifan LF7250 is a compact open frame portable generator with a rated wattage of 6500 Watt and a starting wattage of 7250 Watt FLOOR FAN SOLAR 16 INCH RECHARGE 15V Blade diameter 40 cm Solar panel 8W Speeds 9 Oscillation control swings from side to side USB port With practical LED night light Great for garages workshops and other areas 199 99 GAS CANS VARIOUS SIZES Starting at 16 99 100004791 8 FAN RECHARGE 120V 60HZ Portable enjoy the cool wind at any time and everywhere you want Easy pushbutton controls Portable fan 2 Speeds 149 99 100051650 100004585 HURRICANE SPECIAL 11

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there is always something BBQ CHARBROIL GAS PORTABLE BBQ AMERICAN GOURMET GRILL BARREL 800 Designed for on the go anywhere grilling the legs fold over the top of the grill to lock the lid in place and heatresistant handles mean you don t have to wait for the grill to cool down to move it 568 sq in of cooking space it features adjustable fire grates and dampers as well as a removable ash pan The grates are cast iron which are great for searing It also has a swing a way warming rack temperature gauge and a handy side shelf Move the grill easily with rolling casters 119 999 100019912 479 9 49 99 CHARCOAL LIGHTER FLUID 32OZ KINGSFORD ORIGINAL CHARCOAL 16LB Made with 100 natural ingredients Gives BBQ lovers the smoky wood fired flavor they crave Lights faster and burns longer than competitive brands 14 99 100025186 TORCH PATIO COPPER 14 CM WATER COOLER WATER ORANGE 2 GALLON Long lasting fiberglass wick with funnel Use citronella or lamp oil 100030771 100034468 100021616 Premium odorless easy lighting fluid that meets all environmental requirements 34 99 99 69 Durable construction that resists scratching denting and fading Drip resistant spigot and a leakresistant lid and spout It is stain and odor resistant An easy to clean liner 99 COOLER ICE RED 48 QUART Hinged seat top lid Tight fitting Snaploc latch Stain and odor resistant liner 100023424 TORCH FUEL CITRONELLA 64OZ Ultra refined fuel with citronella For use in outdoor torches and lamps 29 99 100001626 FIRST AID KIT Number of Pieces 160 Latex free contents 109 99 99 99 100004566 No time to shop Save time and order online www kooyman bb 12 129 99 WATER COOLER WATER ORANGE 3 GALLON An easy to clean liner Also available in 10 gallon Extra thick insulation ensures great thermal retention Drip resistant spigot and a screw tight lid Swing top bail handle makes carrying easy Its durable construction resists scratching denting and fading BLACK PVC BOOTS Non insulated men s Available in various sizes 46 99 100040849 Click and collect pick it up in our store 100033447 109 99 100028322 REVERSIBLE PONCHO 0 22mm poncho with no rust PVC side snaps electro weld seams Large drawstring hood 25 99 21 99 100049462 You need ideas Follow us on Facebook and Instagram there is always something to do