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Kooyman Christmas CUR

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Feel the magic of Christmas, this year more than ever. Whether near or far, we open our hearts and care for each other in the warmth of homemade happiness. Feel the magic happen...VALID FROM OCTOBER 21ST UNTIL DECEMBER 31ST, 2021 Seasons DecorationsMade withLOVE

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2christmas editionMade withLOVE 5.99/EACHor 240 funmiles100060974CHRISTMAS BALL TREE/SNOWMAN/SNOWFLAKE10cm 5.99/EACHor 240 funmiles100060965CHRISTMAS BALL TREE/SNOWMAN 8 cm 3.99/EACHor 160 funmiles100060964CHRISTMAS BALL LEAVES 8cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060966CHRISTMAS BALL GLITTER LEAVES 8 cm CHRISTMAS BALL DIAMOND/SNOWFLAKE DOTS 8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060975CHRISTMAS BALL HEART DESIGN 8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060977CHRISTMAS BALL STAR/SNOWFLAKE8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060978CHRISTMAS BALL TREE 8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060980CHRISTMAS BALL CURLED DESIGN 8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060981CHRISTMAS BALL LOVE DESIGN 8 cm 5.99/EACHor 240 funmiles100060986BELL ORNAMENT HEART DESIGN 6.7x H7. 6 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060987CHRISTMAS BALL GLITTER 8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060996CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT 8cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060969SNOWFLAKE SNOWFLAKE H4cm 3.99/EACHor 160 funmiles100060988 3.99or 160 funmiles100060998BOW LASER EFFECTH32cm HEART ORNAMENT CANDY DESIGN H10 cm 6.99or 280 funmiles100061001

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3christmas editionMade withLOVECHRISTMAS ORNAMENT RED & WHITE 8cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060968BIRD ORNAMENT L5xH8 cm 12.99/EACHor 520 funmiles100060970CHRISTMAS BALL HEART DESIGN 8cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060972CHRISTMAS BALL FLOWER + LEAVES8cm 5.99/EACHor 240 funmiles100060973HEART ORNAMENT SET BLUSH PINK 8cm 12.99/2 PIECE SETor 520 funmiles100060983HEART ORNAMENT SET WHITE/RED 8cm 11.99/2 PIECE SETor 480 funmiles100060984TREE TOPPER STAR IRON RED H23cm 10.99or 440 funmiles100060989GIFTBOX CAR DESIGN L25xW18xH8cm3 Piece set 19.99or 800 funmiles100060990GIFT BAG GNOME L10xW26xH32cm 4.99or 200 funmiles100060991CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT CANDY DESIGN 10.5cm 4.99/EACHor 200 funmiles100060995HEART ORNAMENT DOLOMITE L8.5cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100061000WOODEN HOUSE ORNAMENT H7. 8cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100061003

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4christmas edition

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5christmas editionDreaming of a white and bright ChristmasBOW W/GLITTER CHAMPAGNE H24 cm6.99or 280 funmiles100055832GARLAND FERN LEAF GOLD L180 cm 12.99/EACHor 520 funmiles100060810GARLAND LIGHT GOLD L240 cm14.99or 600 funmiles100060812GARLAND WOOL WHITE L240 cm16.99/EACHor 680 funmiles100060813HUMMINGBIRD ANTIQUE GOLD H10 cm6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060818BIRD ON CLIP L20 cm11.99/EACHor 480 funmiles100060819TREE TOPPER STAR IRONH23cm 10.99/EACHor 440 funmiles100060834CHRISTMAS BALL STRIPES/STARS 8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060825CHRISTMAS BALL BAROQUE DESIGN 8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060826CHRISTMAS BALL FEATHER 8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060827BELL ORNAMENT10cm 9.99/EACHor 400 funmiles100060831OWL ORNAMENT H8 cm 5.99or 240 funmiles100060832STAR ORNAMENT GLASS MULTI 3.99/EACHor 160 funmiles100060833WREATH ORNAMENT IRON 18 cm 12.99or 520 funmiles100060835CANDLE HOLDER BRANCH DESIGN 16xH21.5 cm69.99or 2800 funmiles100060836FLOWER ORNAMENT H16.5cm 8.99or 360 funmiles100060839ORNAMENT BEADS & GLITTER H10 cm 9.99/EACHor 400 funmiles100060840TRAY RECTANGULAR L14xW24xH3 cm59.99or 2400 funmiles100060855CUSHION FUR SPANGLES L43xW43cm 24.99/EACHor 1000 funmiles100060896VASE TERRACOTTA GOLD FINISH 29xH27 cm 59.99or 2400 funmiles100060902VASE TERRACOTTA GOLD FINISH 18xH40 cm 64.99or 2600 funmiles100060903

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6christmas editionFeel the magic of Christmas,Feel the magic of Christmas,this year more than ever. this year more than ever. Whether near or far, we open Whether near or far, we open our hearts and care for our hearts and care for each other in the warmth of each other in the warmth of homemade happiness.homemade happiness.ANGELS ORNAMENT H10 cm 5.99/EACHor 240 funmiles100060845KEY ORNAMENT H17cm 3.99/EACHor 160 funmiles100060846FIGURE ALLOY H20 cm 7.99/EACHor 320 funmiles100060847LEAVES ORNAMENT ACRYLIC H15 cm 12.99or 520 funmiles100060861CHRISTMAS BALL ANGEL DESIGN 8 cm 4.99or 200 funmiles100060870CHRISTMAS BALL LACE8 cm 4.99/EACHor 200 funmiles100060872CHRISTMAS BALL BEADS & DIAMONDS 8 cm 5.99or 240 funmiles100060873CHRISTMAS BALL BEADS 8cm 4.99or 200 funmiles100060874PEACOCK ORNAMENT H19 cm 5.99or 240 funmiles100060884TEALIGHT HOLDER 15.5xH13 cm 34.99or 1400 funmiles100060856SPRAY MAGNOLIA LEAF H67cm 14.99or 600 funmiles100060863TREE TOPPER H21cm 11.99or 480 funmiles100060868ANGEL ORNAMENT H10 cm 9.99/EACHor 400 funmiles100060888CHRISTMAS BALL TRANSPARANT 10 cm 6.99or 280 funmiles100060815

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7christmas editionCUSHION BEADS L30xW50cm 54.99or 2200 funmiles100060894CANDLEHOLDER H20 & 27 cm Starting at36.99or 1480 funmiles100060851TEALIGHT HOLDER 14XH14 cm 39.99or 1600 funmiles100060898LEAF ORNAMENT H31 cm 7.99or 320 funmiles100060849HURRICANE LIGHT 11xH21 cm 59.99or 2400 funmiles100060852FLOWER 28xH3cm 10.99or 440 funmiles100060901SANTA ORNAMENT H13 cm 7.99or 320 funmiles100060869BUTTERFLY ORNAMENT WITH BEADS & FEATHER H17.5 c m 10.99or 440 funmiles100060865PLACEMAT LEAF L46x35 cm 5.99or 240 funmiles100055809CHRISTMAS BALL TRANSPARANT WITH STARS 8 cm 4.99/EACHor 200 funmiles100060822ANGEL ORNAMENT H8 & H10.5cm 9.99or 400 funmiles100060860CUSHION FUR BRANCHL43xW43cm 21.99or 880 funmiles100060877PLANTER CLASSIC HEAD H15.5 cm 39.99or 1600 funmiles100060880BALLET DANCER ORNAMENT H13 cm 4.99or 200 funmiles100060881ANGEL FEATHERS ORNAMENT H21 cm 5.99or 240 funmiles100060882DECO PLATE LEAVE DESIGN L22.5xW17xH5cm 16.99or 680 funmiles100060890DECO BOWL 28xH10 cm 69.99or 2800 funmiles100060891NAPKIN RING4cm 15.99or 640 funmiles100060892TABLERUNNER STAR PRINT L40xW140 cm 36.99or 1480 funmiles100060893CHRISTMAS BALL WITH BEADS8cm 6.99or 280 funmiles100060830

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8christmas edition

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9christmas editionCHRISTMAS BALL WITH FEATHER 8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100018364 16.99or 680 funmiles100044743CHRISTMAS BALL IRIDISCENT 8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100044738CHRISTMAS BALL DOTS GREEN/GOLD 8 cm 5.99or 240 funmiles100055815DECO PLATE LEAF 30 cm 11.99or 480 funmiles100055818CHRISTMAS BALL STAR 8 cmCHRISTMAS BALL PEARL WITH GLITTER 8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060751CHRISTMAS BALL DRIED FLOWERS 8 cm 6.99or 280 funmiles100060754SNOWFLAKE ORNAMENT 12 cm 10.99or 440 funmiles100060761OWL DECO H12 cm 14.99or 600 funmiles100060763HEART/STAR ORNAMENT H9.5 cm 3.99/EACHor 160 funmiles100060764FERN SPRAY GREEN H80 cm 14.99or 600 funmiles100060766BOW WITH SEQUINS H23 cm 19.99or 800 funmiles100060767ICICLE ORNAMENT H15 cm 5.99/EACHor 240 funmiles100060768TEALIGHT HOLDER GOLDEN STARS 7xH8.2 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060769OAK LEAF SPRAY VELVET H63 cm 18.99/EACHor 760 funmiles100060770UNICORN SAVINGBANK L10XH15 cmBUTTERFLY ON CLIP H15 cm 9.99or 400 funmiles100060772MOUSE DECO WHITE & GOLD H8.8 cm 11.99/EACHor 480 funmiles100060777DEER ORNAMENT WHITE/GOLD L6.8XH10.5 cm 9.99or 400 funmiles100060779TEALIGHT HOLDER CRACKLE 7xH6.5 cm 5.99/EACHor 240 funmiles100060794CHRISTMAS BALL IRIDISCENT 8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060747DECO PLATE METALLIC 33 cm 19.99/EACHor 800 funmiles100060801 3.99or 160 funmiles100060750 8.99or 360 funmiles100060783

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10christmas editionThere is something about Christmas that is magicalCHRISTMAS BALL WITH SEQUINS PINK 8 cm4.99or 200 funmiles100060776FLOWER ON WOOD SLICE 10 cm 8.99/EACHor 360 funmiles100060781BIRD ON CLIP WITH FEATHER L18 cm 8.99or 360 funmiles100060784ANGEL ORNAMENT H14 cm 7.99or 320 funmiles100060780HUMMINGBIRD L19xW12xH4.5 cm 10.99/EACHor 440 funmiles100060803FLOWER ON CLIP VELVET 20 cm 18.99/EACHor 760 funmiles100060796UNICORN ORNAMENT 5.99or 240 funmiles100016335CHRISTMAS BALL LACE FLOWER 8 cm 4.99or 200 funmiles100055772CHRISTMAS BALL LACE IRIDESCENT 8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100055779CHRISTMAS BALL DOTS PINK/GOLD 8 cm 5.99or 240 funmiles100055814CHRISTMAS BALL MAGNOLIA 8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060748CHRISTMAS BALL SNOWFLAKE/STAR 8 cm 4.99/EACHor 200 funmiles100060749MOUSE BALLET ORNAMENT H10 cm 8.99/EACHor 360 funmiles100060778MONEYBANK PORCELAIN L15xW10xH15 cm 24.99or 1000 funmiles100060782FLOWER VELVET 15 cm 10.99or 440 funmiles100060785BOA FEATHER WITH PEARLS L184 cm 19.99/EACHor 800 funmiles100060804BOA FEATHER VELVET L184 cm 19.99or 800 funmiles100060805BOA FEATHER PINK L150 cm 14.99or 600 funmiles100060806BOA FEATHER PINK,CAMEL L150 cm 19.99or 800 funmiles100060807SHOE ORNAMENT H12 cm 9.99/EACHor 400 funmiles100060756

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11christmas edition

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12christmas editionWREATH RED Ø28 cm 29.99or 1200 funmiles100060954CHRISTMAS BALL HEART Ø8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060961GINGER COOKIE ORNAMENT H15.8 cm9.99or 400 funmiles100060962REINDEER ORNAMENT H14 cm 6.99or 280 funmiles100060932CANDY STICK ORNAMENT H14 cm7.99or 320 funmiles100060963CHRISTMAS BALL PEARLSØ8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060906PINE TREE + DECO POT Ø6.5xH17 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060935CHRISTMAS BALL GLITTER Ø8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060908NUTCRACKER DECO H25 cm 16.99/EACHor 680 funmiles100060946OWL ORNAMENT TERRACOTTA H7 cm (H2.7 inch) 4.99or 200 funmiles100061015CHRISTMAS BALL SWIRL Ø8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060909OWL ORNAMENT TERRACOTTA H17 cm 9.99/EACHor 400 funmiles100061014CLOCK ORNAMENT Ø13 cm 8.99/EACHor 360 funmiles100060933SANTA/SNOWMAN/DEER ORNAMENT H7.3 cm4.99/EACHor 200 funmiles100060957POINSETTIA ON CLIP Ø20 cm 11.99or 480 funmiles100060956HEART ORNAMENT L8XW8XH8 cm2.99/EACHor 120 funmiles100061010

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13christmas editionTreasurethe ClassicsTRAIN WITH HANGER L12.5xH7.5 cm 6.99or 280 funmiles100018029CHRISTMAS BALL PINE GREEN Ø8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100055919CHRISTMAS BALL WITH BOW Ø8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100055923DECO PLATE CHECKS Ø33 cm 11.99or 480 funmiles100055950SPRAY GLITTER WITH SEQUINS GOLD H70 cm 10.99or 440 funmiles100056045LEAF SPRAY WHITE 2 piece set 4.99or 200 funmiles100056050GARLAND LEAVES DESIGN GOLD L180 cm11.99or 480 funmiles100060905CHRISTMAS BALL WITH BOW Ø8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060910CHRISTMAS BALL FROST Ø8 cm 6.99or 280 funmiles100060912CHRISTMAS BALL WITH FIGURE Ø7 cm 7.99or 320 funmiles100060914CHRISTMAS BALL WITH TEXT Ø8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060915CHRISTMAS BALL CHECKS STARS Ø8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060916CHRISTMAS BALL SEQUINS Ø8 cm 6.99/EACHor 280 funmiles100060918IRON STAR ONRAMENT Ø15 cm 5.99or 240 funmiles100060922IRON TREETOPPER STAR IRONW20xWH2cm 9.99or 400 funmiles100060923STAR ORNAMENT IRON 5.99or 240 funmiles100060921NUTCRACKER DECO H38 cmFIGURE ORNAMENT GOLD D10xH4CM 2.99/EACHor 120 funmiles100060930 34.99/EACHor 1400 funmiles100060945SANTA LED DECO W8xH18 cm 24.99or 1000 funmiles100060929CHRISTMAS BALL RED/WHITE STRIPES Ø8 cm 6.99or 280 funmiles100061016CHRISTMAS BALL SWIRL Ø8 cm 4.99or 200 funmiles100060926CHRISTMAS BALL WITH SEQUINSØ8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060927GNOME TERRACOTTA H8 cm 5.99or 240 funmiles100061011

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14christmas edition

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15christmas editionBIRDS ON CLIP 2 piece set, L11 cm 7.99or 320 funmiles100017292CHRISTMAS BALL WITH GLITTER 8 cm 4.99or 200 funmiles100056103TEALIGHT HOLDER WINTER SCENERY Ø8xH12 cm 9.99or 400 funmiles100060678CHRISTMAS BALL VELVET & SEQUINS Ø8 cm 5.99/EACHor 240 funmiles100060659CHRISTMAS BALL WITH GLITTERØ8cm white 3.99or 160 funmiles100060660CHRISTMAS BALL NIGHT BLUE Ø8 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060661CHRISTMAS BALL LEAF DESIGN Ø8 cm 6.99or 280 funmiles100060664CHRISTMAS BALL SNOWFLAKE Ø8 cm 5.99/EACHor 240 funmiles100060666 3.99/EACHor 160 funmiles100060667OWL DECO WITH FEATHERS H12 cm 14.99or 600 funmiles100060669POLAR BEAR L11.5xH7.5 cm 3.99/EACHor 160 funmiles100060670PENGUIN H12 cm 3.99/EACHor 160 funmiles100060671WINTER SPRAY H70 cm 14.99or 600 funmiles100060676REINDEER WHITE L8.5xH16 cm 7.99/EACHor 320 funmiles100060677BIRDS L4.5xW5xH6cm, 2 piece set 9.99or 400 funmiles100060684DECO PLATE LEAF DESIGN Ø33 cm 11.99or 480 funmiles100060693CUSHION SNOWFLAKE L43xW43 cm 24.99/EACHor 1000 funmiles100060686TEALIGHT HOLDER REINDEER DESIGN 5.5xH6.5 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060701VASE RECYCLED GLASS Ø7xH32 cm 11.99/EACHor 480 funmiles100056120CHISTMAS FIGURES ORNAMENT H7 cm

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NUTCRACKER MUSIC BOX Available in 2 designs, rwood, H30 cm 64.99/EACHor 2600 funmiles10006069016christmas editionWOODEN CHRISTMAS FIGURE H14 cm 5.99/EACHor 240 funmiles100060679SNOWMAN ORNAMENT H12 cm 7.99or 320 funmiles100060680WOODEN ORNAMENT H30 cm 6.99or 280 funmiles100060681DECO TREE W18.5xH38 cm 16.99or 680 funmiles100060683 7.99or 320 funmiles100060685WOODEN LANTERN WINTER SCENERY L9.5xW9.5xH11 cm 12.99/EACHor 520 funmiles100060688DECO PLATE SNOWFLAKE Ø33 cm 9.99or 400 funmiles100060694NUTCRACKER DECO H25 cm 26.99/EACHor 1080 funmiles100060689 9.99or 400 funmiles100060692 5.99or 240 funmiles100060702MICRO LED GARLAND L180xW12 cm, warm white WOODEN DECO TREE W28xH37 cm 59.99or 2400 funmiles100060699SPRAY PINECONE BLUE H60 cm 12.99or 520 funmiles100060708BOW ON CLIP 2 piece setL16 cm 14.99or 600 funmiles100060697SANTA ORNAMENT H13 cmPORCELAIN BELL Ø7.5xH9.5 cm TEALIGHT HOLDER CHRISTMAS TREE DESIGN Ø7xH8.4 cmBERRIES AMBER H26 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060705CUSHION LEAF DESIGN L45XW45 cm 39.99/EACHor 1600 funmiles100060698GNOME ORNAMENT H13.2 cm 16.99or 680 funmiles100060673ICICLE H15cm, clear 4.99/EACHor 200 funmiles100060675 29.99or 1200 funmiles100060704

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17christmas edition

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18christmas editionGREENSGoldenDECORATED MINI TREE IMPERIAL H60 cm, includes 10 ornaments 39.99or 1600 funmiles100060717Starting at 21.99or 880 funmiles100055380NORTON WREATH Ø 35, 45 & 60 cmStarting at9.99or 400 funmiles100007879GARLAND NORTON LED LIGHTS 15 led - 180 cm20 led - 270 cmNORTON WREATH WITH LEDØ35 cm 29.99or 1200 funmiles100055379GARLAND NORTON L180 & 270 cm Starting at12.99or 520 funmiles100048547MUSICAL SANTA’S TRAIN SET 22 piece set with electronic musical sounds, head light and battery operated 49.99or 2000 funmiles100016353

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H 155 CMNORTON BURLAP CHRISTMAS TREE H 30, 45, & 60 cmStarting at 8.99/EACHor 360 funmiles10006063219christmas editionGREENSGoldenTUSCANCHRISTMAS TREEDeluxe high quality treeH 155 cm109.99/ WHITE4400 Fun Miles100055376134.99/ BLACK 5400 Fun Miles100055377CHARLTON CHRISTMAS TREEDeluxe high quality79.99/ 120 cm3200 Fun Miles10006064899.99/ 155 cm 4000 Fun Miles100016363139.99/ 185 cm5600 Fun Miles100048548189.99/ 215 cm 7599 Fun Miles100014507STARTING AT79.99

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20christmas editionLIGHTINGLuxuryHURRICANE LIGHT 15-LED LIGHTS GOLD Battery operated, Ø15 cm 19.99or 800 funmiles100060630DECO CONE 40-LED LIGHT CHAMPAGNE Battery operated, H50 cm 59.99or 2400 funmiles100060562DECO WREATH 30-LED LIGHTS CHAMPAGNE Battery operatedØ32 cm 39.99or 1600 funmiles100060563240LED -1.8M 29.99or 1200 funmiles100060567STRING 360LED WARM WHITE 220V, IP44, L2.7M, 39.99or 1600 funmiles100060568

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21christmas editionLIGHTINGLuxuryDECO STRING LIGHTSBattery operated, L150cm-30LWarm white 24.99/EACHor 1000 funmiles100060733BAUBLE GLASS WHITE Battery operated, Ø10 & 15 cm Starting at 16.99or 680 funmiles100060624DECOBALL 20-LED LIGHTS SILVER Battery operated, Ø15 & 20 cm Starting at29.99or 1200 funmiles100060626HURRICANE LIGHT 2 pieces set 84.99or 3400 funmiles100060631DECO BALL ROPE 30-LED LIGHTS IRIDESCENT Ø14 cm, Battery operated with timer Starting at 24.99or 1000 funmiles100060572Starting at15.99or 640 funmiles100060569240LED -1.8M DECO BALL ROPE 15-LED LIGHTS TRANSPARANT Ø10, Battery operated with timer

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22christmas editionFUNJustTREE STAND AUTOMATIC 100% hassle free set upSuitable for trees up to 6ft (1.82m) tall, Trunk size Ø11.4 cm 69.99or 2800 funmiles100059836HEAVY DUTY ROTATING TREE STAND For indoor & outdoor useSetup your christmas tree & enjoy the view of your lovely tree from every angle with this rotating tree stand 89.99or 3600 funmiles100059837STAR SHAPE TREE STAND Ø55xH16 cm 39.99or 1600 funmiles100060728TREE STAND PLASTIC SMALL Suitable for trees up to 6ft (1.82m) tall, trunk size Ø12 cm TREE STAND PLASTIC MEDIUM Suitable for trees up to 2.43m (8ft tall), trunk size Ø14 cm 39.99or 1600 funmiles100022159 29.99or 1200 funmiles100050224

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23christmas editionCHRISTMAS BALL 30 piece set Ø3cm 12.99or 520 funmiles100060716PAMPAS BRANCH LED LT H70cm batterij 29.99/EACHor 1200 funmiles100060711TABLE DECO CHEERS L30xW6xH19 cm 21.99or 880 funmiles100060576TABLE DECO ENJOY L25.5xW6xH16 cm 19.99or 800 funmiles100060577MILA DECO PLATE STAR Ø30 cm 7.99or 320 funmiles100060575ORNAMENT BALL Ø8 cm 4.99/EACHor 200 funmiles100060611MONSTERA BRANCH H72 cm 16.99or 680 funmiles100060735GIFTBAGS NUTCRACKER 4.99or 200 funmiles100060718NAPKIN HOLDER CHEERS Ø3.5 cm 3.99or 160 funmiles100060578DECO HANGER TREE DOMINIQUE 69x60x130 cmalso in black 89.99or 3600 funmiles100060574HURRICANE LIGHT 15 LED H15xØ9 cm 19.99or 800 funmiles100060585PICK FEATHER H80 cm 21.99/EACHor 880 funmiles100060609SPIDER FLOWER H42 cm 9.99or 400 funmiles100060734TABLE CLAMP CHRISTMAS TREE BLACK L40XH85 cmTABLE CLAMP TREE BLACK L52xH97 cm 59.99or 2400 funmiles100060605 49.99or 2000 funmiles100060602

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We wish you a cheerful holiday with lots of fun and happiness2499.99starting atAS OF NOVEMBER 24 AVA I L A B L E AT OUR MEGASTORESTHE NUMBER 1 QUALITY FROM CANADA 1.50 METERa fresh cut treeYou buy at Kooyman